March 19, 2012

Stormy Monday

   It has just started storming here in Texas. Living in the country (ish) part of North Texas means that my tv will go in and out as well as the lights. Oh well,  I have my family and my pups here to keep me company. I actually like storms in the evening, unless it's summer and during the day no way jose! I love the sound of the rain and watching the lightning. However, I do not like severe storms so I am hoping that everyone stays safe!

Speaking of my dogs, Marley is curled up next to my feet because she does not like storms at all. She is the biggest baby, literally the biggest, 100+ pounds. Oh but I love her... It is now starting to hail, so I am sure she will start whimpering any minute. The other dog we have, Roxi, is the total opposite. She would run outside in the storms if we let her... We don't. Her favorite thing to do is bark at the thunder and run after the bolts of lightning... she may be a little crazy. I also have my little old lady pup, Jinx, who is 12 and the biggest worrier, so she is curled up in my lap. Wouldn't give those three pups up for anything. Love them so very much!

Tonight I had planned on watching the premiere of "Dancing With The Stars" and eating my mom's homemade chicken pot pie. I love coming home because it means my mama will cook some yummy food! I guess I will have to do with out my tv and just eat the chicken pot poe. I also might dive into one of the many books I am reading on my Kindle! Probably going to be number four of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.

I am also being a little crafty... We bought some embroidery thread from Hobby Lobby Saturday and we are trying to follow a tutorial we found on Pinterest to make friendship ear buds.

Photo from: Crown hill day by day 

So far the earbuds have turned out great, I however was unable to follow the complete instructions because I was lacking patience when I started this project so mine look a bit different. My sister's and Kaylee's earbuds look exactly like the picture though, they had way more patience than me. I will post pictures of the finished products whenever they are actually finished. 

I also want to try to make a couple bracelets... Maybe like these from the  "Michael Ann Made" Blog. 

Photo by: Michael Ann Made 

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