March 13, 2012

I Work Out (What!)

   I am that person who absolutely despises working out, like really I hate it. I am trying to change my attitude about working out though... Slowly but surely it has to change right?! I have the P90X dvds sitting in my room collecting dust. I have an array of sneakers and work out clothes... I usually just wear those as my ever day attire.

I also have tons of motivational and inspiring people all around me. I have no excuse to not work out, but I always find random ones. But, I am going to change! Yesterday I ran for the first time umm I will just say in a lllooonnnggg time. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app and finally put it to some use. I have to say that I am proud of myself for not dying, but I thought I was going to the whole time. I am literally the worlds worst at motivating myself. 

I creep follow tons of blogs, one in particular is called Six Sisters Stuff. Yesterday, coincidentally, they had a post entitled "11 Ways To Get You Off Your Bum and Run"! So, I read it and I then got off my bum and ran! Crazy idea... That's what I was thinking. But you all should read this... They are really an awesome group of sisters. 

So these next days, weeks, months, I am going to try to think positively and do what is good for my body. I am going to use the motivation I get from the people around me to continue on my work out journey. Ally is a mother of 3 children under 5! Yes, she is a super human and she is also training for a half marathon. Oh yeah, she is also a wife and a full time 4th grade teacher. Yes, superwoman. If Ally (aka superwoman) can do it with 3 kids, a husband, and a full-time job I really have absolutely no reason to not try. So, thank you Ally for being your awesome self. I am going to use you as my inspiration! 

I also love these pictures I have found on Pinterest.

I don't really believe this yet.. but it is a good thought!

I put this on my bucket list... ah!


  1. This post made me smile and cry. I wish I was SUPERHUMAN, but I am glad that I can help motivate you. And, I will GLADLY run the color run with you when you are ready!! Love you lots girlie!

  2. :) you are a super woman Ally! Love yoU!