March 7, 2012

Noah's Wish

   There are many different organizations and rescues that are doing amazing things. I wish I could be a part of each and every one. I found a new one to follow Monday while I was watching the Ellen Show. I absolutely love Ellen. She supports so many amazing organizations and also is the founder of many groups as well. I love that she always is supporting our nation and the people in our world. Anyways, Monday on her show she raised $1,000 plus dollars to Noah's Wish (click on that link!).

    Noah's Wish is an animal welfare organization that is dedicated exclusively to rescuing and sheltering animals in disasters all throughout the United States. Talk about an amazing group! I am getting goosebumps and my heart is fluttering just talking about this group. Noah's Wish is currently helping out those that were affected by the tornados in Illinois, this is where the money raised on Ellen's show will be distributed.

    Noah's Wish is not only dedicated to saving the animals that are displaced from natural disasters they also help to prepare people for these events. They are dispersed throughout the United States and have been helping since 2002.

    There are many ways to help out this organization. They have an online store with many different items that you may purchase and the money will be used to help rescue animals. You may also donate directly to the organization, there is a link on the website. You can also volunteer.

I hope you can help out in any way that you are able to. I know I will. :)

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