January 28, 2016

Baby Mav Weeks 25 & 26

We are sssuuupppperrr close to the third trimester, which is crazy! I really can't believe how fast time has gone and I don't even want to think about how fast it will continue to go by. We have finally started on the nursery and we have a ways to go, but I am loving it. Cam likes to touch my belly and ask if his girl is awake and I pretty much melt every. single. time. He is going to be such a great dad.

Speaking of Cam he has said some pretty funny things recently and I wish I would have written them all down. One morning a couple weeks ago I was getting my breakfast in the kitchen and he said "well you're looking hefty". He got the death glare and gave me that sly grin and it officially hit me that I am going to be in big trouble if Cambree is a mini cam! One night last week while getting ready for bed I was brushing my teeth and he said "that belly button is looking a little questionable"... and I had to laugh and choke on my toothpaste because that is exactly how it looks and I am kinda scared for it to officially pop... I actually don't like that expression either so I am just going to ignore my belly button all together while I can, it is all kind of gross.

Another time that he made me melt was when I was telling him about our family plans to head to Colorado for a week in the cabin and I had just mentioned it being a trip to take the grandkids and he freaked out thinking I meant that his parents were going to be taking Cambree when she was just a month old... he said um Bailee they can't take her without US yet and I just smiled. Sweet guy is already taking care of his little girl.

We head to the doctor next week and then we are almost to the point of going every two weeks... yikes!

week 25

Baby: Cambree is the size of a cauliflower or a rutabaga and about 1.5 to 2.5 pounds! Little bit is around 13 to 14 inches. She now knows which way is up and which way is down. She is starting to grow more hair and it now has a true color and texture. She is moving more and more. I think she is most active in the middle of the day and early morning.

Weight: I weighed 109 on my home scale this week.

Symptoms: I started taking my recommend iron supplements and they are terrible. They had made me sick each time I have taken them so I am now trying to find a better alternative. The sickness is not just the irregular stomach problems, it full on makes me nauseous and gives me terrible stomach pain for hours. I am still having some indigestion, mostly at night once I lay down. Other than those little issues I have been feeling great.

Sleep: I have been sleeping not as soundly as before. I wake up a few times throughout the night and sometimes I will be wide away ready for the day and other times I will just toss and turn because I can't get comfortable. It is a chore to move around and move all of my pillows. I am thinking the people who invented those pregnancy pillows may have been right, but I still can't get myself to spend the money on one. So, for now I will stick with my three pillows and continue to huff and puff while rearranging.

Cravings: I haven't had any specific cravings, but if I think of food then I really really want it. It hasn't been anything weird though mostly my normal foods that I have always eaten and really liked. My appetite is definitely there though. I want to eat all the things all the time.

Clothes: I have officially outgrown clothes and want to get rid of all the things in my closet. I am trying to slowly go through my clothes as I know there will come a time when I do need other clothes to wear that are not big and baggy. I really want to just overhaul my whole closet! Good thing I am keeping busy with the baby nursery.

week 26

Baby: Cambree is the length of a green onion or as big as a head of lettuce. She now has eyelashes and her eyes are forming. She is able to take breaths and is practicing for life outside of the womb. Her ears are better developed and she can her more now and is more sensitive.

Weight: One morning this week I weighed 108, but I am not sure how accurate that is. We go to the doctor next week so we shall see.

Symptoms: The iron supplements still made me sick so I quit taking them and will be trying some different chewables that I had found online. I also plan on adding some iron boosting smoothies to my morning routine. I have noticed that it is harder to sit up sometimes and breathing is more difficult. The baby is now all up in my space and she moves constantly. I felt her kick my bladder the other day. Speaking of bladder I pee all. the. time.

Sleep: Haven't slept the best this week, but am thankful for any amount that I do get as I know my time of restful sleep is dwindling.

Cravings: I am really liking cold water. I wouldn't say that it is because I am low on iron, but I guess it could be a factor. I have not started chomping ice 24/7 so no worries there.

Clothes: I might not wear a pair of jeans until May... Leggings forever!

Random: We started putting up the wood planks on Cambree's wall. I love the way it is looking. We should finish up this week and then I have to finish painting and figuring out which color I want to paint her changing table. I am on the lookout for a skinny tall dresser and I really want to paint that a cool color, but I am having the worst time picking colors. Everything of this little girls is going to be grey and white if I have picked it out or bought it.

January 14, 2016

Weeks 23 & 24

Week 23

Baby: She is the size of a large mango or grapefruit according to my apps. Her cute face is finally formed and she is working on gaining extra fat to fill it out. Her cochlea is full formed. She can now hear more than just my voice and most definitely is hearing Griffey and Deuce bark. Griffey recently learned to howl, so hopefully she enjoys that. The blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare of breathing.

Weight: I weighed 108 on my at home scale.

Symptoms: Cambree is moving much more frequently. I no longer feel her just on one side, she is all across my body. I am learning her most active times. My mom and Kennedy were finally able to feel her move this week. TMI, but this discharge nonsense is unreal. I constantly feel like I have peed my pants y'all! My bloody noses are officially gone! I haven't noticed many aches other than the weird stretching feeling in my belly.

Sleep: I have been sleeping great. Super thankful for that, I know my time of peaceful sleep is coming to an end pretty quickly.

Cravings: I haven't had any cravings this week. I still am eating the same things. I did get some new prenatal gummies, they are lemonade flavor and are awesome!

Clothes: I have been wearing sweats most of the time and some of them are officially retired. I am trying to put off buying clothes period, but know that I need to at least size up in a few pieces.

Random: Can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by! We are almost to the 6 month mark!

Week 24

Baby:  Cambree is the size of a cantaloupe or an ear of corn. She is officially close to a foot long, which explains why I can feel her all the way across my body now. She is continuing to pack on the ounces and is getting closer to being able to survive outside of the womb. Her brain is growing quickly and her taste buds are continuing to form. One of the books I am reading said she can now taste what I have been eating in the amniotic fluid and may react to sugar or spicy things. I did notice this after eating some Oreos, she was kicking up a storm. Her skin is becoming less translucent and more baby-like.

Weight: At the doctor this week I weighed 111 pounds, which puts me up 11 pounds. I was told that my goal weight gain is around 25 pounds... yikes

Symptoms: I am hungry all. the. time. I had my first braxton hicks contraction Saturday morning and since then every evening I have had them consistently. I have also noticed some indigestion, which isn't much fun. Little Cam is moving much more frequently. My bloody noses have disappeared. I am still waiting on that glowing skin and luxurious hair though.

Sleep: I have been having weird dreams this week, which have interrupted my sleep.

Cravings: I haven't been craving anything in particular, but I want to eat all the time.

Clothes: I was still able to squeeze into my skinny jeans for Church Sunday, but that is probably the last time as it was so uncomfortable! I noticed my shirts are becoming too short. I have retired some more of my beloved pjs and pj shirts... this growing belly is real y'all.

Random: Cam surprised me with a crib on Tuesday! He picked out a grey one and I can't wait to set it up! We are planning on starting the painting process this weekend, I have big plans for that nursery. He is going to be such a great dad and I can't wait for him to meet his little girl. Our next sonogram is in February and I am already anxious to see her sweet little face on the screen again.

Doctor: We had our 24 week appointment Friday and everything checked out well. I had my glucose test and it wasn't as bad as I had built up in my head. The drink reminded me of Hawaiian punch, but with extra sugar. It did make me feel a little weird and light headed, but that is probably because I hadn't eaten much that morning. I haven't gotten word about passing my test, but I also haven't gotten the "you failed" call either. I did get a call about my iron levels and they are showing that I am anemic and the Dr. suggested I be put on an iron supplement and take it twice a day. I've always had low iron so this wasn't a huge surprise.

January 8, 2016

Ski Trip 2015

The annual ski trip of 2015 was the craziest yet... 

    The day after Christmas we loaded up the camper and our truck and took both dogs to Abilene. We celebrate a third Christmas with Paw Paw and that side of the family each Saturday after Christmas. We were set to leave Sunday morning and head to the mountains for our annual ski trip. However, we had been keeping up with the news and knew that a big winter storm was about to hit west Texas so we decided to leave Saturday night and try to beat the storm. We made it about 3 hours out of Abilene and then the first crazy thing of the trip occurred.

Cam's truck broke down on the side of the highway. Temperatures were dropping, it was already about 10 pm and we were outside a tiny town called Snyder. So there we were Cam, Cory, myself, and our two dogs along with the camper stuck on the highway. Luckily  Jim and Cheryl were traveling with us while the others went on up to Lubbock and Denver City. Cheryl booked a hotel and the dogs experienced an elevator and double bed for the first time. Griffey freaked out in the elevator, wouldn't pee on a leash or in the frigid weather, but he was a huge fan of the double bed situation. Luckily, Cory doesn't mind cosleeping with a little red dog because you better believe Griffey snuggled with him and the pillows all night. 


The boys got back to the hotel around 2am after getting the truck towed to a dealer. They happily crawled into the warm beds and took turns snoring through out the night, even Deuce joined in! That morning Cam met a pastor in the breakfast area of the hotel who also happened to be a diesel mechanic... coincidence? I think not, definitely a God thing. He offered to look at Cams truck and see if he could help, but Cam's truck ended up being too dead to do anything. So we made the plan to pack up Jim and Cheryl's car, pile in, and make it to Lubbock.

Griffey learned the art of napping in the hotel right before we were leaving...

He did master the art of mirror selfie with mom just in time though

Woo we are so so thankful for awesome in laws that love our crazy! 

Griffey wanted to thank them by laying half with them and half with Cam and I. 

 Meanwhile Lubbock and the rest of west Texas is getting hit with record snowfall... Our drive actually wasn't that bad and we were greeted by Randi and her friend's family with a warm home and awesome soup for lunch. We then were all back together and rearranged and piled into two cars to make the trek up to Colorado. We had a few sketchy moments, but overall it was pretty smooth sailing. We decided to not go through New Mexico because we knew the Rotan Pass would probably be closed, so we detoured and arrived at our house around 3 am Monday morning.

Monday the boys and Randi and her friends went up to the mountain to ski, but Cheryl and Ally decided to hang out with Jim and myself. We relaxed and went to town to grocery shop. The boys came back and said it was the best day of skiing ever. Ally and Cheryl skied the next two days. I think it snowed every day up on the mountain and the last day it snowed so much we couldn't even see the mountain while driving up. It was a great ski trip filled with lots of memories!