March 12, 2012

Reality TV

    Yes, I admit I am a reality TV junkie. I am not sure why I like to watch these crazy shows... But I do! Some of the crazy shows I watch include:

The Bachelor


Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood

 Bachelor Pad

Oh, and anything on this channel!
(expect Hoarders and My Strange Addition... those are just too weird)

   The Bachelor Finale is tonight... I will be recording it, I will be at Bible Study. I have not liked this season at all, did not like Ben or most of the girls. However, somehow the crazy show still pulled me in... Probably because it has been crazy and people like to watch crazy. There is also an amazing blogger that yall need to follow if you enjoy this guilty pleasure. Her name is Ashley, she was on Brad's season and she is HILARIOUS! Her blog can be found here... She updates about each episode and also write about her personal life. She is a pretty awesome lady.

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