August 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Meet My Bridesmaids
    I have to say I am one lucky girl... I have the most beautiful group of friends! Yes... I may be a little biased, but I bet you will agree with me. :) I love each of these ladies with all of my heart. They are all each so unique, but have one big thing in common, they are my best friendsSo, here you go world... Meet the most amazing group of ladies. 

Warning: this post is a bit wordy

Kennedy- Maid of Honor
Kenn is my little (almost 16-year old) sister. She will be happy I added that tid-bit about her age...  She is seriously the most kind-hearted little lady you will ever meet. Ever since she was a tiny little thing she has been this way. She is also actually not all that little... She is about a good 3 inches taller than me and I usually get asked if I am the little sister... Kenn is growing into a beautiful young lady and I am so proud to call her my sister and friend. Kenn teaches me a lot about life... She always has. She is a perfect mix of each member in my family.  I can not wait to see where God takes her in her journey... Well, actually I can. Kenn, I still think of you as that little 2 foot tall, blue eyed, blonde hair, talkative baby who followed me around everywhere... Stop growing shheessshh. 

Samantha- Bridesmaid
Sam has been my best friend ever since I walked up to her drive way when I was in first grade. She and her family had just moved to the big state of Texas from Pennsylvania and she brought her great sense of style with her... Definitely why we became bffs right away. :) She is a tall, beautiful, green-eyed, loud (in a good way), and hillarious woman. Yes, we are basically opposites. Sam and I have endless memories and stories. She is the girl I can always turn to. I am convinced that she was placed in my life so that we could better each other.  We have literally gone through every stage of life together so far and I am so glad that we are continuing our journey together

Hannah- Bridesmaid
Hannah and I have been best friends since freshmen year of high school. We met in our first year of cheerleading. We were both these tiny, little shy girls in the corner... ok, maybe that was just me. Anyways, we instantly connected and since high school we have been pretty inseparable. We both go to different colleges which makes friendship tough, but I feel like when we do finally get to see each other it is like we were never apart. Hannah is one of the most sarcastic people out there... which is hilarious. She is beautiful, loving, fun, and perfectly OCD just like me. We fit together really well and I am so glad she has been a part of me for so long. I am also so happy that she will continue to always be there for me and with me. 

Ally- Bridesmaid
Ally is Cameron's oldest sister. She is the strongest woman that I know. She is a elementary teacher (actually a first year PE teacher), a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother, and most important a friend to everyone. She seriously has one of the biggest hearts. Ally is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She always has perfect advice and is always willing to make time for everyone. She does all of this while being the best mom to three amazing kids and also a rockstar wife to her lucky husband. I look up to Ally so much. I am so grateful that God has set it up in a way that I will actually be able to call her my sister. I hope that I will be able to be half as good of a mother, wife, and friend as she is one day.
Ally is the second from the left... 
p.s. These are the SISTERS!

Randi- Bridesmaid
Randi is Cam's youngest sister. She is also another amazing Mavroulis lady. Those Mavroulis' sure know how to raise 'em. :) Randi is the happiest girl on Earth. She has the biggest smile and it can brighten anyone and everyone's day. Even though Randi is younger than me, not by much, I have learned so many things from her. She has a huge heart that is truly chasing after God. Whichever man he has picked for her is one lucky guy. Randi is the girl that you want in your life all day, every day. She shines His light and she shines it bright. I can not wait to officially be her sister

Sarah T.- Bridesmaid
Sarah and I have been friends for a long while. She too was a part of the Newarkian neighborhood. Sarah is the sweetest, soft-spoken, Godly woman that I know. I look up to Sarah in many different ways. She sets an amazing example of what a Godly wife looks like. Sarah also is so funny and we can tell lots of good stories about her crazy brother. She currently lives in Galveston with her med-school hubby and I am really wanting them to move back home already. Sarah is the girl that I can always turn to for calming and heart-warming advice. I am so grateful that she will always be a part of my life no matter where she is. She also shares my immense love of dogs and sunflowers. :) 

Priscilla- Honorary Bridesmaid
Priscilla and I have been friends ever since we were picked to be each others "sister" in middle school cheerleading. Priscilla also came with me to OSU... we both left our hearts in Texas so we soon returned. She is the nicest person you will ever meet. She is a smart, determined, and caring person. She will do anything for anyone. She bakes a mean cake, this is good and bad. If you live with her she will in fact make you gain at least 5 pounds. Priscilla is a great friend and I am very grateful that we had extended out friendship into adulthood. 

Sarah G.- Honorary Bridesmaid
Sarah is Sam's older sister... also meaning she is mine and Kenn's oldest sister. Sarah has always been there. She is the most level-headed, calm, caring, and determined woman I know. Sarah has always been the "older sister" figure to Sam, Kenn, and I and now that we are older I am truly grateful for her. I have learned so much from her throughout the years. She has always been there and we have tons of memories and I am sure she has embarrassing stories she can tell you about Sam and I... we will just not speak of those. :) I am so thankful for Sarah and her wisdom. She is the most loving person and we are all lucky to have her in our lives. 
Sarah is on the left. 

August 25, 2012

If any of you are like me...

  • You would know that Christmas is just 4 little months away!
  • You love Christmas lights and everything to do with them.

  • You would have already browsed the Hobby Lobby isles filled with new Christmas decorations... May or may not have done this twice already. 
  • Even though you love summer you are yearning for winter time...

  • You would want a different tree in each room of the house... Maybe even two in each room. 

  • Your dream would be to get on that show on TLC "Extreme Christmas Lights"

  • You would have already spent a whole afternoon... or more... pinning Christmas ideas. 
  • You would have already thought about each gift to buy your loved ones... but really have not already bought them and those ideas will probably change in these 4 upcoming months.

  • You would really like to skip to November for Thanksgiving and then onto December for the 25 days of Christmas
  • You would watch Christmas movies all year long... 
  • You would also light Christmas scents around your house... like Cinnamon. mmm
  • You would also already have a "top" craft to make for Christmas this year... Thanks to none other than the lovely site of Pinterest

  • You would look forward to making cookies with your Gram and Papa... Every year since I can remember I have sat on the counter and made sugar cookies with my Papa. 

  • You would love Christmas for many reasons, but the most important would be because it is a time family is all together. 

August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

      This is the first official Wedding Wednesday post. So far I have yet to do much planning for this wedding, but I do have some good ideas. So instead of talking about each of these different ideas I am just going to post pictures... You will get the gist. I am going for the natural light, simple, yet elegant look. Also all DIY and cheap but not ugly look.

    I am really liking the mismatched bottles for the tables. I love flowers... So I would like to have those every where. I also am loving the burlap table runners that Ally found on Pinterest, especially with our monogram on them... I am also thinking that I could have my crafty sister and gram work on these. :)

   I also really like the wood painted signs... I feel like they are a personal touch that I could do.

   Oh and that ceremony picture... I could die. I am loving that. If only I could have my wedding in that exact spot!

August 20, 2012

Who Knew...

     I have survived my first day of senior year.... Yes. I said it SENIOR year. Cam has yet to start his last year because he is one of those college kids who only has class on Tuesday and Thursday... Yeah he is pretty smart.

    So I have been finishing up the last of my Bridesmaids gifts... Hopefully by Friday I will be able to blog about how I asked each of them... Until then I will tell you that there are 5 Bridesmaids, 1 Maid of Honor, and 2 Honorary Bridesmaids. They will in fact be the prettiest bridal party you have ever seen. I also have THE 2 cutest Flower Girls and Ring Bearer or all time. Cam has yet to ask his Groomsman so we will be waiting to hear from them a little bit longer... 

    Anyways, who knew that finding a place to get married would be so hard. I never knew that there was so much stuff that went into planning a wedding. I mean you have to literally think of everything. Obviously every bride wants there wedding to be beautiful and memorable for everyone. I definitely want that... I also want it to represent Cam and I. I think we are pretty simple folk who genuinely love being with our family and friends... We are even lucky enough to have a handful of friends that have become family. We want everyone to be involved in our wedding and everyone to have fun. I think that is one of the most important things... FUN.

    So, with that said I am trying my best to calm my crazy nerves and to not stress out. It has all been so fun so far, even with the little bit of stress I have encountered. I know I have way more stress in the future, but I am going to take one of my friends' advice and "remember its my big day and that I need to enjoy every second of it". Thank you Sarah for reminding me weekly about this.

    I was going to give yall some ideas about how I am thinking I want our wedding to look, but I just decided that I want to start this new thing.... WEDDING WEDNESDAY! From this week on every Wednesday I will post tidbits about this whole wedding planning thing. :) 

August 5, 2012

Life Lately...

    My life lately has been a big jumble of memories and busyness and I have loved every minute of it. So, I thought it would be a good idea to retell my life lately in bullet points because who does not love bullet points?

  • I returned home to Texas after two wonderful weeks in Florida complete with a big rock on my left hand!
  • I have spent a lot of time retelling "THE STORY" of how Cam proposed... It has been so much fun... everyone please keep asking ;)
  • I have finished up my 4th and final year as a swim team coach to some of the sweetest kids around. 
  • I have spent time with my family, fiance, and his family. 
  • I have laid in the sun with some of my favorites. 
  • I went to my sister-in-law's baby shower with my other sisters!
  • I have hugged and kissed on all of my puppies. Many many times.
  • I have hung out on the lake with THE 3 sweetest and funniest little kids ever (Camden, Braelynn, and Crayton) and got to watch my fiance show off and talk wedding with my favorite Ally!
  • I have read and read and read bridal magazines.
  • I have become totally and completely obsessed with Pinterest... wedding plan at its' best!
  • I have decided on the bridal party... now to ask them :) 
  • I turned 21!
  • I have successfully moved into a new rental house with my fiance! 
  • I have been to several rangers games with awesome seats!

    Now on the agenda is to knock out this intercession course that I am taking. Health psychology I am coming for you. I hope I survive this 8-5:30 class! Then I am going to find my inner pinterest girl and create the best bridesmaids invitations ever! I will let you know how those go....