June 27, 2014

Two Years

    June 25, 2012 Cam brought me all the way to Florida with his family to ask me one of the most important questions of my life. In some ways it feels like just yesterday and at the same time it feels like a century ago. You can read about our proposal over here.

Technically today marks two years and two days since cam proposed, but I totally forgot about it until looking through pictures last night at my mother-in-laws while dog sitting.

So what have I have learned about Cam and myself since that day...
  • Holy crap we looked like babies... no wonder people looked at me weird when I showed up with that rock on my left hand
  • Relationships are full of happy times
  • They are also full or trying times... for example on Wednesday, the 25th, Cam and I went to bed mad at each other. Why you ask? Because we kind of suck at communication and I am a bit lot pessimistic and he's a dreamer. We have learned a lot and have a lot to learn about each other
  • Oh yeah about that... we are the exact opposites when it comes down to reality vs. dreams. Yes, I have dreams and they line up with his dreams I just tend to fall more on the pessimistic and narrow-minded side of things where Cam is well on the other side of the universe
  • He is truly my best friend 
  • He makes me laugh more than anything 
  • I know that he is going to make a great dad when the time comes to have our own babies... until then I love love love watching him with his nieces and nephews
  • He can has a huge heart even though he pretends to not care and kind of be a butt head... 
  • He has a group of amazing friends
  • Life with him is an adventure
  • He sings in the shower... pretty much a different tune every night
  • He's a cook and I am so not... I think its because cooking requires a mess and well I don't like messes
  • I love growing up with him... Since we have been dating since I was 15 and he was 16 (or 17? I am not sure right now how old he was) we have really watched each other grow into the people we are today. 
  • I can't wait to see where our lives take us and the adventures that marriage continues to bring
  • I love him more and more every day
These pictures were all taken by my mother-in-law after we left Disney World and headed to San Destin and stayed on 30A. 

I am pretty sure this is when Cheryl told us to kiss... his response was this. Clearly he loves me

June 25, 2014

Maddyn Rae

One week ago our family welcomed a new baby girl into the world. Maddyn Rae Ocheskey is baby number 4 for the O's and niece number 4 of almost 5 for Cam & I.

I say almost because our other sister-in-law is due any day now with baby Tatum! 

Ally is my oldest sister-in-law and my coolest ;)... just kidding Mav girls I think you're pretty cool too! I introduced y'all to her over here.

Maddyn was born at Grapevine Baylor and delivered by the same surgeon that delivered her brother and sisters! She weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. and was 18 inches long

Maddyn Rae was just as precious as we had imagined and she will be loved fiercely for all of her days. I am so excited to watch this little girl grow up into a beautiful lady like her sisters. 

If there is anything in the world that can increase your baby fever exponentially it is being able to hold a beautiful, tiny, squishy baby girl! 

Crayton didn't know what to think about seeing his momma in a hospital bed and gown 

Proud big sisters and brother!

Team O

When you are the big brother and have spent
 all day in the hospital you turn crackers into toy guns.

June 20, 2014


-One- We celebrated the fathers in our life last weekend. It was a great day in Thackerville America. Cam's parents were able to come up as well as mine and we hung out with the world's greatest Papa.

 -Two- On Wednesday the 18th Maddyn Rae Ocheskey was welcomed into the world. She weighed 6 pounds 10 ounces and was 18 1/4 inches long.

 -Three- My husband surprised me with this beauty! Nikon D3300 it is perfect and allowed me to take those pretty pictures up there!

-Four- Saturday is the first official day of summer and I plan on being poolside or in the lake getting some sun rays with my boys! 

 -Five- A picture of Team O... all four babies! Maddyn makes niece number 4 for us and will be joined in the next couple weeks by niece number 5! :) Our family is full of love.

Today I linked up with Christina and friends over at Carolina Charm

June 19, 2014


Failure... such a negative word. I have been quiet around here for a couple reasons. The main reason I think is that I have been trying to come to terms with failure. Recently I  was enrolled in a three year graduate program and it was testing every fiber of my being. Long story short... I failed. Failing in graduate school is a little different than failing in undergrad or high school. Failure in graduate school means making one C... I made 2. I was given the opportunity to extend my academic probation, essentially they were giving me a second third chance, but I didn't accept it. I dropped out of my program and have never felt more like a failure or completely out of control. I think God was breaking me, in a good way of course. I have always been a control freak. God is good all the time and I have only begun to see His goodness.

This past year I would say that I was about a 9.8 on a scale of 1-10, that being the unhappy and miserable scale. I am embarrassed and disappointed in myself. Then I remember that I am not in charge of my life and have slowly gotten over those selfish feelings. Ultimately I believe God was directing me to get out of the program and that He is going to guide me on a different path. This path is unknown and I have no idea what He wants me to do. I guess you could say this is where blind Faith comes in. I can admit I am not good at it... I, the control freak, am not comfortable without knowing the "plan". I think God wants me to be uncomfortable right now. He wants me to have faith and trust in Him. So, that is what I am doing. That is what I am going to try my hardest to do. I am taking the next 3 months to fully give my life and my plans to Him. His plans are greater than my own, this I know it is just so hard to always have that in my mind. 

Luckily I have the best support system. I have a fantastic family that is faithful and has taught me so much when it comes to trusting Him. 

I am praying that God opens my eyes to the path that I am supposed to take in this life. I am going to work hard to be happy and make my husband happy. I know I failed at doing this more days than not over the last year. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest and I think I multiplied that by about 4 hundred. 

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 28:11 

June 4, 2014

What I forgot to tell you

A video of the beautiful beach and water because why not? I was reading my recap of our honeymoon... basically I was trying to make myself believe I was back at the beach while sitting at my desk... at work and I noticed that I had left out some important and funny details of our honeymoon. 

What I forgot to tell you...
  • We almost died on a taxi... no really we decided it would be smart to just pay $1 and ride the town taxi instead of a real taxi. I don't have a picture of what these look like, but just imagine a truck with bleacher seats in the truck bed. Yeah so, we got on and we were the only white people and I felt totally fine until this guy with a long jacket got on. He had his hands in his pockets and just looked sketchy. Everyone moved away from him and he was mumbling under his breath curse words and things like "I kill yo mother". I felt like we were in the Bad Boys 2 movie with Will Smith and that funny guy... Jamaican accent and everything. Needless to say we didn't get on a town taxi again after that experience. 
  • My husband passed out at 6 pm on the third night of our honeymoon. One too many pain killers and shots from the bartender and the pool bar will get ya! I had to walk him back to the hotel and he quickly passed out on the end of the bed. I decided to shower and I was interrupted when I heard him hurling his insides out! He is just lucky he made it out onto the balcony and we had left over pizza from the night before. Can't wait to tell that story to our kids. 
  • Speaking of Pain Killers... that is one of the USVI specialty drinks. I don't remember what all was in it, but after one I was feeling pretty good and Cam had 3 that day as well as other drinks. 
  • It is mandatory that you listen to Kenny Chesney on repeat while visiting the islands... specifically his Life on a Rock cd :)