November 18, 2014

The 3 - Day

   The second week of November I participated in the Susan G. Komen 3 day walk for the cure in DFW. This was my 4th consecutive year to walk and my teams 6th year! Unfortunately breast cancer, and cancer in general, has touched just about everyones life. One case of breast cancer is diagnosed among women EVERY TWO MINUTES in the U.S. We walk for granny who has passed, Patti and Kathy and so many others who have survived, the families, and for the future. 

Cancer is evil and I hope that I do not have to walk in this walk again. However, I love walking in it and the feelings, memories, and experiences you take away are indescribable. For those that don't know, the 3 day walk is exactly what it sounds like. Thousands of men and women, mostly women, walk 20 miles a day for 3 consecutive days. This event takes place all over the nation. 

This year DFW 3 day had just over 1,000 walkers which is lower than normal numbers, but we were still able to raise 3.1 million dollars! Those dollars will go towards community outreach programs, health programs, research, and other things. I trust that this money is being used correctly and fully support and love the Susan G. Komen foundation.

 The 3 day is made up of Susan G. Komen staff and hundreds of crew members. These crew members make our walk possible and they work hard with smiles on their faces throughout the weekend. At the 3-day you have the opportunity to stay at camp... I mean camping in a sea of pink tents is something you will get to do everyday. Camping is fun and I have enjoyed it every year....even in the cold! 

Day 1: we arrived bright and early for opening ceremonies. 
Our team is made up of Cheryl (my mother in law), Ally (sister in law), Nicole (aunt in law), Randi (Sister in law), Patti (survivor and friend!), and this year we were joined by two rookies, Kaylee and Kristy. We hope Nancy will be back next year.

Without the support of our families I am not sure we would make it through that 60 miles! Seeing their faces (supplied with candy and gatorade) is needed and perfect. 

Hayes/Helzer Fam

Mav/O Family

We got to eat lunch with the fam on Day 3. 

At closing everyone raises there shoe... pretty cool to see so many supporters!

Those are some smiling faces to be walking into closing! 60 miles are we are DONE!

We walk all over Dallas and surrounding cities and the community support is always great.

Day 1 finish line! Tatum joined us for our picture.

Day 2... it was cold and an early morning, but we all made it through!

Team Sporting Pink and a thousand other people waiting in line to get to closing ceremonies.

My husband, whom is my biggest supporter, had to leave early for a wedding function the first night so after setting up my tent he left me some goodies! He's a good one that guy!

Mile 59!

The 3 day 2014 was a success and team Sporting Pink raised $18,400! We will be back next year and are so grateful for all of those that supported us through this journey. If you want to read more about the 3 day go to their website. 

November 6, 2014

Something Old, Something New...

I want to write down what I used as my somethings so I can remember these forever. I love traditions and I love the meaning of tradition. They bring about such great memories! According to The these traditions come from an Olde English rhyme. Something old represents continuity, something new offers optimism for the future, something borrowed represents borrowed happiness, and something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity. 

Something Old

My gram cut out a piece of one of my Papa's old work shirts and embroidered our wedding date on the scrap piece. We also saved a second piece for my sister when her time comes to wear a pretty white dress! This fabric was sewn into the bottom of my dress and it was such a special moment. I will hold this memory in my heart forever. 

Something New

My dress was new... It was everything I originally said I didn't want, but turns out I didn't even know what I wanted because it was perfect!

Something Borrowed

My Aunt Pam gave me a little fabric pouch with her lucky penny inside on the morning of my wedding day. This pouch was pinned into the back of the dress by my mom. 

Something Blue

My something blue were the garters that I chose to wear. I saved the the bigger one for my sister or future children if they wish to wear it. :) Cool thing... My best friend caught the garter and he and his girlfriend should be getting engaged pretty darn soon! (you're welcome Josh)

November 4, 2014


We sang this song in church on Sunday... this and many other songs. I love this song and always have, but boy did it hit me hard on Sunday. My in-laws had the privilege of having a sleep over with the O grand babies which meant they got to come to church with us! We dropped the bigs off in Children's Church and Maddyn got to come to service with us. Cam held her the first half of the service and I got to see just how amazing it will be in the future to have our own littles. 

God sure does make beautiful things because that whole service all I could see was His beauty. He showed His grace in the way the little old ladies behind us fawned over sweet Maddyn. His beauty shined through Maddyn's sweet little eyes looking taking it all in. 

He showed his beauty while worshipping to this song while I was holding the sweet sleeping baby in my arms. Boy does He make beautiful things. 

Jim, my father-in-law, was chosen to speak at church this Sunday and all I could think of was how blessed I am to have a man that leads His family, while sitting next to the son he had raised and the wife he walks in this life with. I was also holding his 5th grand baby and boy was it sweet. 

I hope I remember just how amazing that service was. I hope I am able to tell Maddyn someday that she was such a good baby in church and maybe one day she can hold one of my babies in church! :) 

He makes beautiful things. He makes beautiful things out of dust.