March 14, 2016

Weeks 31, 32, 33.

week 31

Baby: Cambree is the size of a pineapple or a coconut depending on which app you read. She weighs 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and is 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. Her brain and nervous system is continuing to develop. Her irises now react to light! According to my app all 5 of her senses are working now. She can turn her head from side to side, move her arms and legs and is quick running out of room.

Weight: I head to the doctor at 32 weeks and have been steering clear of my home scale. I still take double takes when I catch my reflection in the mirror or a car door. This baby bump is crazy and I am continually amazed by the human body.

Symptoms: Acid reflux is still there and not fun. This week I kicked my cold or allergies/horse cough to the curb. I have increasing back pain and my ribs are sore. But, I am feeling so good other wise and I am so thankful!

Sleep: Acid reflux is kind of the devil. I have trouble getting comfortable at night and actually have been telling Cam we need a new mattress... he has been rolling his eyes each time. I have pretty steady braxton hicks contractions, but they haven't been anything too worry about.

Cravings: I have been eating pears and fruit cups like crazy. I can't get enough of them.

week 32

Baby: She is as big as a squash or a jicama (a mexican veggie). She is about 3 3/4 pounds and around 16 inches long. I don't even know how 16 inches fits inside my stomach, but my sore ribs remind me that she is in fact there. According to my app she should gain a third to half of her birth weight during the next 7 weeks. She now has toenails, fingernails, and real hair!

Weight: At the doctor I weighed in at 122 pounds. Which puts me up 22 pounds and only 3 pounds away from my goal weight. I am going to surpass that and I keep reminding myself that it is all for the baby. I do keep getting told I am all belly and that is encouraging, but I am still a little apprehensive about the whole weight issue.

Symptoms: Heartburn and soreness are still there. I have noticed recently that my legs and hips get sore fairly quickly and I take more breaks doing all of my tasks. This week I started having some weird period cramps, but the doctor just told me to make sure to drink more water.

Sleep: I am learning to control my acid reflux, but it is still annoying. I try not to sit down or lay down atlas two hours after we eat and when I do lay down I prop myself up. Most nights I have been able to slowly scoot down throughout the night, but sleeping sitting up definitely makes my back sore.

Cravings: I still can't get enough fruit and I have been loving chewing on ice. I am still taking my iron supplements and prenatal vitamins with no issues.

week 33

Baby: Cambree is the size of a durian or a pineapple, which is weird because she was that size two weeks ago too. She is around 4 pounds according to my app and about 17 inches long. Our next doctor visit we will get a sonogram to check the her weight and length and I can't wait to see her again! I am also super curious about her size. Baby keeps eyes open while away now. She is starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing. She has the hiccups more often, about twice a day now. Cam got to feel her hiccups the other day and he giggled.

Weight: Do to scheduling I had another doctor appointment this week for my 34 week check up and weighed 22 pounds still.

Symptoms: These are the same as last week. It is increasingly harder to breathe and bend down. I no longer have any desire to walk really fast. In fact Sunday after church we were walking around Costco and Cheryl (my mother in law) told me I had a good waddle going. I was super uncomfortable in too small of clothes! I am more curious about the whole mucus plug issue and have no idea what to expect when that happens, but the discharge situation hasn't slowed down much.

Sleep: Few and far between. It is hard to get a good nights rest, but I am thankful for any sleep I get as I know it will only get more spread out.

Cravings: No differences here, I love fruit and fruit season is upon us!

Clothes: I am growing out of all my clothes. I did however hit the jackpot at Walmart. They have $9 maxi skirts and I am going to go back and get one in every color!

Random: We had our first baby shower this weekend and it was so much fun! Baby girl is loved so much already! We got so many cool things and I can't wait to sort through it all and organize it in her room. Speaking of her room, we still have work to do. I have mixed emotions about this and am hoping we can give ourselves a kick in the booty and get the room finished. Turns out the goats are a handful and a half!

I have been having tons of fun videoing the goats and dogs! I hope to take home videos of Cambree and our lives, I just love watching those back.

March 1, 2016

Life Lately

Well time has been flying by. I don't even know what exactly I have done with my time these past few months, but it sure has gone by quickly.

So to catch y'all up on life happenings I wanted to share some snippets. We are going to be 32 weeks Friday and I can't even wrap my mind around how fast this pregnancy is flying by.

As of February 27th Cam and I have been in this house a full year!

Cam surprised me for Valentines with two one week old Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf goats

Proud goat grandparents

We named them Willie and Merle and they have been so much fun.

Sometimes we let our 5 year old nephew drive us home from church. 
Uncle Cam is the coolest.

I was set this picture the first weekend we had the goats... yes they are bottle fed babies and Cam's method of choice was to feed them in our kitchen sink. 

I attended the If Gathering with my mother in law and it was awesome!

We had family over for Super bowl Sunday and the goats were a huge hit with the kids. 
I don't think Braelynn let them get out of her sight. Love her tender heart!

These babies are growing so fast. This is Tatum's kiss face.

Love that sassy thing!

I can't even imagine how special it is going to be to have one of my own! 

We have our first spring blooms in the yard. 

Weeks 29 & 30

week 29
I had to include this picture because Cam was a big fan of the Willie photo bomb.

Baby: Girlfriend is the size an acorn squash or a butternut squash. She is about 2.5- 3.8 pounds according to my app. She is supposed to triple her weight in the next weeks which is crazy! She is about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long. I can definitely feel an actual baby in my stomach now and its pretty cool and super weird. She is getting more energy as her fat deposits are increasing. Her muscles and lungs are growing and her brain is continuing to develop. She has pretty consistent wake and sleep times, usually awake around 1 am and then about 7 to 11 am. She has gotten the hiccups a few times and sometimes she moves so much I can't even imagine what she is doing in there.

Weight: I didn't pay attention to the scale this week.

Symptoms: I am growing, growing, growing. People every where either smile at me or ask me if I need some help, I must look bigger than I feel somedays or maybe I look just as big as I feel. I have had some itchy skin, but I bought some Burt's Bees Vitamin E oil and am using that at night and it seems to help keep me moisturized. I also have had some rib pain and an overall just tired body. I have had increasingly bad acid reflux and am experimenting with different ways to calm that down.

Sleep:This has been sparse. I am up with acid reflux either every hour or for a few hours a night and then wake up in the morning exhausted. I know my body is preparing for the baby so I haven't been too bothered by the awake times, but I am sure not a pretty princess in the morning (just ask Cam).

Cravings: I haven't had much of any cravings recently. In fact some days I don't really want to eat anything and others days I want to eat everything.

Clothes: I am running out of clothes in my closet and do not want to splurge on any maternity clothes. So, I apologize to anyone who sees me wearing the same outfits over and over.

Random: We are getting closer to finishing the nursery. We still have a lot to do, but I have organized her stuff that we do have and I feel a bit more ready. Our first shower is the second weekend of March and I can't wait to see all the tiny baby things! I definetly am in nesting mode and find myself wanting to clean literally everything from ceiling to floor.

week 30

Baby: She is the size of a cucumber or cabbage. Cambree is continuing to grow and develop. According to my app her skin is getting smoother and she is now strong enough to grasp a finger. I can feel her stretch out or move her legs and arms sometimes. She has found my bladder as well as my ribs. The weirdest feeling is when she is right under my belly button and she makes it stick out. It totally grosses me out and I try to make her move.

Weight: I went to my primary care doctor this week and weighed in at 120 pounds. That puts me up 20 full pounds and only 5 pounds away from my weight gain goal.

Symptoms: This week has been a doozy. I started getting sick in the beginning of the week, but played it of as allergies. It turned into more than allergies and left me with a nasty cough, congestion, and runny nose. I am on the mend now and have my normal voice back. Acid reflux has upped its game. I am now awake for hours at a time and have yet to find a comfortable sitting position at night. I prop myself up, but as Cambree is more active I can feel the acid push up my esophagus.

Sleep: I sleep best from 5 to 7 am and then am exhausted when my alarm goes off. I am sure that this is just preparing me for a newborn, but dang I would like a few more hours of restful sleep before she gets here.

Cravings: My new craving this week is fruit cups. I am loving pears and fresh fruit.

Clothes: This hasn't changed much. I am on the hunt for clothes to wear for maternity pictures as well as baby showers. I am not the biggest fan of my new body and am also the whitest of white. I need to the sun big time!

Random: We go to the doctor at 32 weeks and will be checked again. So far everything has been just fine and right on track. I don't feel like this appointment will be any different and I can't wait for our next ultrasound at the end of March!