March 27, 2015

Arizona Part 2

Arizona sure can be beautiful! I have loved it there every time I have been and this trip did not disappoint. We traveled to AZ for baseball, but of course had to do some fun other things. The house was stayed in was unreal. It was in a double gated community and every house was huge and immaculate. The landscaping was gorgeous and I loved taking pictures of the flowers and smelling the rosemary bushes that lined the walkway. The sunsets were impeccable. Over all it was a peaceful and relaxing trip and I am already looking forward to the next one. 

We visited Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona and it was gorgeous! The rocks and the water all blended into one and it was breathtaking. 

March 23, 2015

Spring Training

    The second week of March Cam and I tagged along with his parents and their friends to Arizona to watch some Rangers Spring Training. The Texas Rangers opening day is quickly approaching and Spring Training is such a fun time. This is our third year going and this year I had a fancy camera to get some fun pictures. We arrived on a Wednesday and went to a game that afternoon at the White Sox field. We went Thursday to the Rangers field and sat right behind Tony Romo! 

Friday we took the day off from games and went to Prescott to sight see. Saturday we ended our trip with a trip to the Padres and Dodgers field. This day was most fun because it was dog day at the ball park and there was 257 dogs there! They ended up raising over $1000 for the local human society. Such a cool event! 

We got Prince Fielder to sign a ball! We ate our way through Arizona. Vacationing with the older folks is fun and we loved it! ;)


Choo wears Nike Choos (his shoes really say Choo on the back)

These two fellas sat in front of us and danced 
and talked through the whole game. It was the cutest.

March 20, 2015

Griffey Mav

We got a puppy! We flew in Sunday at 1 am arrived at 5 am and picked up Griffey at 11 am. We probably should have napped before then, but we were excited puppy parents. Griffey was 8 weeks as of March 14th and he was the only red out of his litter of blue heelers.

We were told by an older guy that comes to the shop and runs his dogs in the back field that his brother in law's dog was having unexpected puppies and that we would be welcome to have one. I always say you shop adopt and not shop, but who knows where these puppies would end up since they were just letting random people take them so I felt good snagging the pup up. We have been home with him for almost a week and he's a mess! He has been super fun though and Deuce is actually a fan of him, for the most part. They play and wrestle all over the place.

We weighed him on Sunday and he weighed 10 pounds! He also got his first bath and wasn't too fond of that. He has sweet puppy breath and can be a snuggle buddy when sleepy. He is a fiesty little thing when awake and can run circles around Deuce.


  • he loves leaves and being outside
  • running in circles
  • biting his nub tail
  • shoelaces
  • chasing Deuce every where 
  • food
  • naps
  • bushes or trees
  • having to wait to eat
  • his crate
  • loud noises
  • the windshield wipers
  • having to get out of the bushes


Welcome to our crazy world Griffey! You fit in just perfectly.

March 18, 2015

House update

Oh, where to begin... I left off with snowy pictures of our house. Here we are almost a month of being home owners and there has been so much done and so much not done. It is actually hard to see what we actually have done because I kinda feel like it hasn't been much and then I feel like all we have done is work.

So what have we done... We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more and will continue to clean this weekend. Y'all, the house was empty for 6 months and I am not sure it was all that clean before they left, but dust stacks up that is for sure. We moved all of our furniture in. The living room and bedroom are the only rooms set up. We currently have boxes stacked on the walls of the other two bedrooms.

We fixed water leak after water leak and still have some to fix this coming weekend. I killed entirely too many spiders and unknown bugs. We have raked several piles of leaves and have about 400 more to rake. Cam mowed the grass it was so tall and it is so green!

Our kitchen cabinets need the shelves replaced and hung up so they remain empty. Our pantry has stuff in it, but with only two shelves its not much. That is a project for the coming days as well.

Our bedroom... we have a bed and two night stands! I put everything in our closet and it is semi organized.

I learned that I cannot function properly if everything in unorganized. So, before cleaning I had to organize those boxes of stuff in the extra rooms.

We bug bombed today so I am hoping to go home to dead bugs and no longer alive ones. Or really I would rather come home to no bugs.

Oh yeah... also we went on a trip to Arizona to watch some spring training games and we came home and picked up our puppy! You can go ahead and call us crazy! More about both of those later. For now meet Griffey Mav. :)

March 4, 2015

Snow days

Last week we started the week with ice and ended it with beautiful fluffy snow! Yep, we had another snow day! This time it was actual snow and oh so pretty. We ended up getting more than originally expected and it made for a mess of a moving weekend. We had to be out of our apartment on Saturday no matter what, but y'all we CLOSED on OUR house on Friday in a snow storm!

Yes, our God heard my prayers and gave me more than I could have imagined! I have been praying for a snow day since before Christmas and as you know we have been praying for this house to become ours. Well, I got both in the same day and it made for the prettiest first home picture!

We rented a Uhaul in the 5 inches of snow and with the help of all of our family we loaded it up and made the move to across town. Because of the moving we didn't get to really play in the beautiful fluffy snow, but I did take some awesome pictures.

Saturday the snow was covered in a sheet of ice and then it all melted and made for a muddy slushy mess. We are currently getting rain and are under another winter weather advisory and could have a 4th snow day tomorrow! I will keep my fingers crossed. I will also work on a house update! I did take some pictures of our fixer upper before we moved all of our stuff in!