July 1, 2012

We Are Engaged!

    I have the most exciting news to share with yall! I am on the Mav-O Family Summer vacation. We have made it through Disney World and now are at Destin beach. Florida has been so good to all of us. Disney World was a blast and the beach is always amazing. Anyways on to my news...

Monday June 25, 2012 Cameron proposed to me!!!!!!!! I of course said YES with no hesitation. It was the most beautiful and exciting surprise ever. We had planned on going to Disney World Monday-Thursday, but it was pouring all day on Monday so we decided to hang out in town and check in to our resort. The resort was awesome and open, I am still convinced that there are alligators in those ponds. Cameron and I were standing on the balcony trying to see some of the wildlife. While we were doing that Cam's whole family was going to hide out in the trees to witness the BIG question. Cam had told me that Randi (his youngest sister) had seen an alligator and that we should go see it and I said sure. Then we walked outside and it was pouring and I almost decided to turn around and head back inside! Little did I know that I was about to be asked a question that would change my whole life. We walked onto this bridge and we were looking for the non-existent alligator. Cam then walked to the corner of the bridge and picked up a box that had a picture book in it. Cam handed it to me and we read it together and looked at all of our memories from high school and on. It also had quotes and sayings that said "I love you because...". I loved it and was so happy to get it I then went back to looking for the alligator!

I was completely clueless as to what was happening until he turned and got down on one knee and pulled out a beautiful black box. I said YES!!! I then cried and hugged and never wanted to let go of him. Then he told me to turn around and wave at everyone! Cam's family then came out behind their hiding spots armed with cameras and video recorders! I was so ready to hug them! It was perfect. My ring is perfect! My family is PERFECT!

Here are some of the amazing pictures that were captured by Ally and Cheryl!

The day was absolutely perfect. Getting to call my mom and dad and Gram and papa was so much fun. Getting to hug Cam's family was just what I needed! I can now not wait to wrap my arms around my parents and sisters!