October 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Meet the Flower Girls & Ring Bearer

     I am absolutely positive I have the BEST flower girls and ring bearer! Cam and I asked his oldest nieces and one and only nephew to participate in our big day and they said yes! These 3 babes are the cutest, sweetest, and funniest little things you will ever meet! They are the sweet babies of Ally and Jay. So, here you go world meet our Flower Girls and Ring Bearer

I mean really... Could they be any more perfect?

Camden- Flower Girl
Camden is 6 going on 16. 
This girl is drop dead gorgeous.
She is sweet and sassy.
She is fun. 
She is growing into the most beautiful little girl. 
She is an amazing big sister.
Cameron loves sharing his name with this little Cam :)
She is one special brown-eyed girl!

 Braelynn-Flower Girl
Brae is 3. She is blonde and absolutely beautiful.
Jay and Ally know how to make some pretty children! 
Braelynn is so sweet.
She love love loves animals.
She carries around about 5 different blankets 
and stuffed toys every where she goes. 
She is fun. 
She is so loving.
She can be a little fire cracker! 
Braelynn is just precious. 

Crayton- Ring Bearer

I had to use two pictures for this little boy because I just love both of these! 
Crayton just turned 2... He is about a foot taller every time we see him.
He also gets cuter every day.  
He is a little stinker. All boy.
He is happy. 
He is so funny.
He is a sweet-hearted little boy.
He has to-die-for brown eyes. 
His laugh... Like the one in that picture is music to your ears. 

I can not wait to see these three all dressed up. 
I am so blessed and honored to call them my nieces and nephew!

P.S. I also have a brand new niece named Adelaide... she is beautiful and perfect.
She will be at the wedding with her lovely Mama (my future sis-in-law).
I also can not wait to see her all prettied up for her Aunt B! :)

P.S.S. I just realized that one of the best parts about this wedding is going to be the family pictures! How cool is it going to be to look back and see how cute these four little babes were and how young and hot all of us "older" folk look! :) 

October 22, 2012


  Yall if you are not watching Phil and Claire Dunphy on Modern Family every Wednesday night on ABC you are missing out! I just HAD to share this genius philosophy brought to you by none other than... Phil Dunphy! I have now watched this about every day this week and I die laughing each and every time!

You are welcome for the funniest things you will ever read... I also suggest you watch it at this link! 

October 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Meet The Men
     I am totally aware that today is in fact Friday and not Wednesday. I started this post Wednesday and am just now finishing it...

Cam knew exactly who he wanted to be his groomsmen immediately after we got engaged. He has some of the world's best friends. He is even lucky enough to call some of these bfs his brothers! I am blessed to be able to also call them my friends. These men are the sweetest, big-hearted, and funniest people that I know. Most of these guys are part of Cam's family so I have already introduced yall to them in the "Meet The Family" post! Here you go world... Meet the Men!  

Josh-Best Man

Josh and I have actually known each other since middle school. Pretty sure he went with Cam and I on our first "date". Cam and Josh met in high school.  They played baseball and football together all through high school. They basically were BFFS at first sight! They even went to junior college together. They are both at separate colleges now but it does not matter how much space there is that when they are together it is like they were never separated. Josh is funny, super kind, caring, and an amazing friend. He is also an amazing baseball player... I tell him all the time that when he makes it big Cam and I will be joining him wherever the game takes him! He usually laughs it off... little does he know I am dead serious :) 

Rodge-Best Man

Rodge is Cam's other BFF... Cam, Rodge, and Josh are kind of like the Three Musketeers, but cooler. Rodge also played football and baseball with Cam all throughout high school. Rodge is continuing his baseball career at ACU in Abilene. Rodge is so funny. He is smart. He is also an over all amazing friend. He has this loud, outrageous laugh that brightens up any room. What is even cooler about these two Best Men... they let me be there BFFS too! :) If you get these guys together you are sure to have a good time. 


I introduced yall to Cory in the Meet the Family post... He is still the funniest, biggest-hearted man that you will ever meet. He is THE life of every party... Can not wait to hear about Cam's bachelor party! If you want to read more nice comments about him go see this post... :) 


Coby is Cam's oldest brother... He also was introduced in the Meet the Fam post! 
He is now an official father to a beautiful baby girl! We love her. We love him. :) 
Coby is the big brother. He is always there for support. Cam really looks up to this man. 


Jay is Cam's brother-in-law... He is hilarious just like all these other boys. Jay is hardworking and determined. Cam really looks up to Jay as well. These guys get together and laugh all day long. Jay also can memorize every line in every movie... Not kidding. Cam, Jay, and the other brothers can recite Anchorman word-for-word!


Sam is Coby and Ally's other brother, but Cam views him as his other brother as well. Sam is funny. He is super nice. He always is happy. He always has a smile on his face. I bet your thinking that when this whole family is together it is crazy... You would be correct! :) 


Caleb and Rodge were actually best friends throughout high school. Throughout the years Caleb and Cam have grown closer and closer. He played baseball and football through out high school with Cam. Caleb is a firefighter... pretty awesome. He is smart. He is hilarious. Caleb is super nice.


Jim and I actually grew up together. He has been my neighbor since 2nd grade. Jim is the one who introduced Cam and I. He played football with Cam in high school. Jim is one of a kind. He is intelligent, hilarious, kind, witty, and awesome. He is always there for anyone who needs him. He has a huge heart. Jim is the guy to go to when you need some reassurance or advice. 

P.S. each of these men have some very lucky ladies that I cut out of their pictures... sorry ladies this one was all about the men! :) 

October 11, 2012

6 Years!

Today marks SIX YEARS of Cam and I! 
Pretty stinkin crazy. 
Who would have thought we would make it this far. 
I am so thankful for these past six years. 
They have been full of memories, happiness, love, laughter, fun, family, baseball, and so many other things. 
I can not believe that this time next year we will have been married for 3 months! 
Here are 6 years in pictures of Cam and I. 

High School

Freshmen Year of College

Sophomore Year of College

Junior Year of College

Senior Year so far...

It has been 6 amazing years... I look forward to many, many more :) 

October 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Registry

     Registering online for stores is probably the most dangerous thing of all time...
Ok, maybe not. But for real this is so fun! I am loving it. I still really want to go to the stores so Cam can use that gun thing... everyone keeps saying we have to do that. 

Registering is fun for many reasons. Before we got engaged Cam and I never really talked about the future. Yeah, we knew we wanted to be in each others' future and "someday" we would get married and blah blah blah... But Cam decided to surprise the heck out of me in June... If you have not read that you should over here... So, now that we are engaged we are actually talking about the future. I could probably talk and dream about our future all day everyday. I kind of do... With the help of pinterest I have mentally decorated our whole house. You know, the one we do not have. We also have no idea where we will be living after we are married. Cheryl we may be in your back yard... just kidding. But really. :) 

Target and Bed Bath and Beyond are the two places we are registered at so far. Here are some of my favorites that we have picked out so far. 

These aps on my phone are dangerous!

Fitz & Floyd Pitcher

Rachel Ray Casserole with lid

CAN NOT wait to put this is Deuce's corner :) 

Apothecary Jar

Rachel Ray hard enamel cookware set

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Fiesta plates and set... in Scarlet, Sunflower, Tangerine, and Peacock

I am currently obsessed with finding pieces to decorate and organize our house with... hence the ceramic pitcher and apothecary jar... I have also picked out some awesome organizing things. I figured I would not bore you with these things though. Cam picked out the blue cookware set. I love these Fiesta plates. I also have only heard good things about them! I told Cam I was trying to step out of my box and embrace color... These plates are my starting point. He is awesome and lets me register for anything I want... Only problem is I think he might have a problem when I start registering for Christmas stuff... I am going to have a serious problem withholding throughout the upcoming holidays. :) 

October 3, 2012

Super Ty

    There is no Wedding Wednesday today because while reading my daily blogs I came across this story...

     Ty is a little boy who has been diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive cancer. He has recently been sent home to receive Hospice care... Read his story. Share his story. Pray for him and his beautiful family.

    There are many things in this world that I will just not understand... childhood cancer is on top of that list. CANCER SUCKS!