March 16, 2012

Spring Break

   It is Spring Break and I am so excited! I made the trek back to Texas last night and have been happily lounging on the couch with my pups at the parents house. This year my break is going to be relaxed and consist of no traveling, which I am a bit bummed about. Last year I had the privilege of spending a couple days camping at Lake Murray with my grandparents, sister, and father. I then flew to Arizona and met up with Cameron, his parents, and his little sister. We watched cam play in a baseball tournament, enjoyed the Arizona sun, AND got to see a Spring Training game! I will show you some amazing pictures of that.

  This break will not be filled with baseball, which makes me a little sad, but it will be filled with family! I will also refrain from thinking any tiny ounce about school and all the stress involved with school. Well, I hope everyone has a good break or weekend! I am off to get ready for my friends beautiful wedding! Congratulations Tori and Alex! I wish yall the best of luck and Tori you will be one of the prettiest brides! I will be back some time this week to update you about this years Spring Break!

Photos by: Cheryl Mav 

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