September 30, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness

     October is Breast Cancer Awareness month... I think raising awareness for all diseases is important. This one hits home for more than one reason. Breast cancer can be found in almost all families. There is probably not one of you who can say they have not known someone who has had the disease or knows someone who has. I am walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the cure for the second time this November in Dallas.

I will be part of the Sporting Pink team... You can read about up there on my The 3-Day tab... I am asking you to raise awareness this month by either supporting this great cause in any way that you can.

I am making it my goal to wear something pink every day of this month. Now, those of you that know me know that I do not own that many pink things. So, this will be a challenge, but I am accepting it! Please join me! At the end of the week I am going to post pictures of each day... Hope to see everyone participating in some way... Amy, Ally, Lisa, Bradey and baby A!! :)

September 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

     I was contemplating what I would write on my blog post this week and I remembered that I have not actually introduced yall to my fiance... groom.... hubby-to-be. So, here you go world...
Meet Cameron.
The love of my whole life. 
He is cute.

He is funny.

He is a baseball player... always will be. I most definitely do not complain. 
He is a leader.

He is the littlest brother in his family. 
He has gorgeous dark brown eyes.

He has a huge smile that I am in absolute love with. 
I was in the process of losing it... and there is his BRIGHT BIG smile!

He loves his family.

He loves his grandparents.

He is going to be the best father... one day. 

He is an amazing uncle to 1 little boy and 2 (almost 3) beautiful little girls.

He pretends to like my cooking even when its horrid.

He is totally ok with me being my crazy OCD self.

He sometimes drives me crazy... I still love him

I sometimes drive him crazy... He still loves me

He is patient... most of the time.
not everyone can teach this stubborn... sucky self-motivator to snow board. 

He cooks... and he cooks well.

He is an amazing friend.
these are his BFFS... I do not have an appropriate picture of the 3 of them...

He loves dogs.

He is encouraging.

He is sweet

He is my best friend. 

I am one lucky girl and I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with this man. 

September 22, 2012

11 Years...

     A lot can happen in just eleven years... it is a number that sounds so big, but yet so small. Eleven years ago today I was only 10. I was in Elementary school and had a handful of really good childhood friends... I can remember running around the neighborhood without a care in the world.

11 years ago we still had Tesa, my first love and dog. 11 years ago my Uncle Jack was still here... He had given me a pig that I proudly named Harley hog. My Uncle Jack was my Papa's younger brother and he loved me just as his own granddaughter. He was cool, fun, and loving. I miss him. 

11 years ago today my dad was out of town with his friends for a bike rally. On this same day we received a call from him that would turn our tiny world upside down. I can remember my little sister and I were getting ready for our big game... youth association football and cheerleading is big time in Texas. :) 

I remember my mom breaking down in tears and panic... My dad and his friend had just gotten in a motorcycle accident and were in the hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. Of course the first thoughts that rush into your mind when you hear this information are the worst. Kenn and I were sent to the neighbors and my mom and Gram took the first flight to Arkansas to see my dad. 

After a couple days in the hospital, thousands of stitches, a new jaw, bruises, and scrapes my dad came home. Swollen face and everything, he came walking through the garage with half a smile on his face... the doctors had to repair all the nerves in the right side of his face, they were still not "working" properly. I have never been more thankful to have my dad home. In my ten year old mind I was not sure he would ever look the same... his face was swollen 3 times its normal size he was wearing a hospital gown and he was black and blue. Eventually with God's healing (I did not know he was there at the time... but I sure do now) my dad is just fine. He and his friend were the lucky ones that day 11 years ago... I am forever thankful for all of the nurses and doctors that worked on my dad and his friend. 

I wrote this blog post to remind every one to not only remind your loved ones that you care, but also to inform. I want you all to be more aware of all the drivers on the road. This accident would not have happened if the truck and trailer had been paying close attention to the road that day. Like I said my dad was the lucky one, but there are many more that are not so lucky. 

September 20, 2012

I Believe In...

I believe in dreams. 

I believe in cupcakes... funfetti ones to be exact.

I believe in love. 
I believe in reading. 

I believe in family.

I believe in miracles.
I believe in unconditional love.
I believe in sunshine and sunflowers.

I believe in sweatpants.

I believe in laughter.
I believe in Jesus. 

I believe in hugs... bear hugs.

I believe in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure

I believe in Apple products.

I believe in moments.

I believe in Mexican food... mostly cheese dip.

I believe in a clean home.

I believe in happiness.

I believe country music.

I believe in all things Pinterest. 

I believe chicken is the best meat on the planet. 

I believe in friendship.

I believe grandparents are the greatest. 

I believe Baseball is America's favorite game.

I believe in the Texas Rangers. 

Link up over here... Living in Yellow

September 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

    What... It is already Wednesday again? How in the world did that even happen... Oh well I guess this makes us that much closer to Friday. Here is this weeks Wedding Wednesday post... I did not write last week because I just could not find the words... it was the whole 9/11 anniversary and I watched the Oklahoma news and that is never good news. But... I am back this week and ready to introduce you to the family I am going to be a part of! I am so blessed and excited... This is the immediate family... Cam is greek and also Southern therefore they have a fairly big family. I love everyone in their family, but I did not want to make this post forever long. I will say that he has THE cutest Paw Paw... I love me some grandparents and his Paw Paw does not disappoint. I may even do a whole blog post about him and my own Papa. :)

Meet the family- The Groom Addition

Cheryl- Future Mother-in-Law
She is the definition of love. She is THE original MRS. MAV.
Everyone loves her. She is always happy.
She is fun!
She has the biggest heart.
She has this unreal ability to always calm everyone's nerves.
She is the woman, wife, and mother that I want to someday be.

Jim- Future Father-in-Law
This is the original MR. MAV.
He is the best father to all of his kids and the few adopted ones... like myself, Josh, and Rodge... He is a strong and big hearted.
If you ever need advice just turn to him. He can always steer you in the right direction.
He is a great leader for his family.
I know Cam looks up to him so much.

Ally- Future Sister-in-Law
I introduced yall to this lovely lady in my bridesmaid post.
She's still amazing and I could say so many things about her.
I will stick with just a few...
She is the BIG sister that I have always wanted.
She has so much love for her family.
Someday I want to be as good of a mother as she is to her sweet three babes.

Coby- Future Brother-in-Law
Coby is the big brother.
Cam looks up to him in every way.
Coby is fun, loving, and smart.
He is always there for support.
All the Mavs have this quality...
He is also almost a daddy to a beautiful baby girl.
Baby A could you hurry up and make your appearance please!

Cory- Future Brother-in-Law
Cory is the life of every party.
He is the happiest soul you will ever meet.
Cory lightens up any room he walks into.
He also has one of the biggest hearts.
He is fun and hardworking.
You can always count on him to brighten up your day.

Randi- Future Sister-in-Law
I also introduced yall to this firecracker in my bridesmaids post.
She is beautiful inside and out.
Cory and Randi I think are the most alike... Both have that ability to light up a room.
She has the biggest and brightest smile.
She is the littlest sister.
Everyone loves her.

Jay- Future Brother-in-Law
Jay is Ally's lucky husband.
He is a great father to their 3 babes... not going to complain if yall make it 4 ;)
He is super funny and smart.
Jay is determined and hardworking.
He is a great coach to some very lucky kids at Everman.

Bradey-Future Sister-in-Law
Bradey is Coby's wife.
Bradey is a fellow Oklahoman.
She is sweet and kind-hearted.
She is southern... and I love it.
She is crafty and fun.
She shares the love of the Mavs with me.
She is also about to be a beautiful mommy to baby A!

From Left to Right...
Top: Cory, Coby, Jim, Cam, Jay
Bottom: Randi, Bradey, Cheryl, Me, Ally

This is the annual Mav Family Christmas PJ picture... 
This family knows how to have fun.
They are full of love... 
I cannot wait to be a part of this beautiful family for the rest of my life!

September 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Engagement picture edition

   Even though we have been engaged for almost 3 months we still have not taken engagement pictures... Mostly because the first two months I was still in shock and awe.. I also did not want to die in the Texas heat during our engagement shoot. Incase you know nothing about Texas and the weather it has been 100 degrees and hotter basically since May. So, I have really been liking the fall engagement pictures I have been finding on pinterest. I know I want our pictures to be taken outside. I love the natural sun light. I also want baseball incorporated somehow and Deuce (our dog). I have no idea how well he will behave in pictures... but I want to try it! Here are some of my favorites from pinterest... Give me any of your suggestions! :) 

September 4, 2012

Life's a balancing act,
Enjoy every moment. 

This is my motto for the week... Balance.
I am struggling with this whole balance idea. I know I am not alone. 
Deuce (our dog) also struggles with this.  
I thought about taking a picture like this with him. 
Total fail... He could not even sit still with nothing on his nose let alone putting a ball there. So Pinterest pup it is! Thank you pinterest you are always there!

September 1, 2012

We Set A Date

 July 26, 2013

I will marry my best friend! 
To say I am excited would be an understatement... 
This is all feeling real and I am loving it.

Since I have known Cam the number 13 has been a prominent number...
He was number 13 in baseball all through high school.
13 is one of his most favorite numbers...
Literally every weird thing you could think of has had something to do with this number.
I always get tickets with the number on it.
So I have always felt that 13 was just our number.
How perfect is it that we will be getting married in 2013!
We picked July 26 because it is 13 times 2.
Perfect... there are two of us and we both love 13!
My little sister actually pointed this out and picked the date...
Pretty special :)
July 2013 is going to be a great month!

We also agreed on a place... 
It is beautiful and in the Fort Worth area.
This is all coming together and I am beyond happy
I am so looking forward to next summer!