March 10, 2014

The ABC'S of Me

       I decided that since I have yet to come up with any relevant or meaningful blog topics that I would take a lead from my friend Texas Mrs. Last week she completed the ABC'S of her and I thought they were fun and interesting! So if you want to join in just give one word that describes you for each letter and tag Texas Mrs!

A: Accountable
B: Blessed
C: Careful
D: Determined
E: Empirical
F: Faithful
G: Glad
H: Homebody
I: Intelligent
J: Jumbled
K: Kind
L: Loyal
M: Moody
N: Nurturing
O: Observant
P: Patient
Q: Quizzical
R: Realistic
S: Spiritual
T: Tattooed
U: Understanding
V: Voracious
W: Wife
X: are there even any words that start with x?... just kidding I know there are
Y: Youthful
Z: Zesty

Yep... that is me in 26 words!