January 18, 2013

The Last Semester

    It has finally come... Spring semester 2013. This will be the LAST semester of my undergraduate career. I literally can not wait until May 10th. I do not actually know if I will make it to May 10th. This semester is going to be by far the most difficult semester that I have ever had. 12 hours of class... the hardest psych classes offered at UCO... 25 hours of work... Oh and have a life and watch Cam play his last season of baseball.

Let's just say this semester is going to be glorious. This semester is also going to be a pain in the rear end. BUT... this semester is going to be great. I am engaged to the love of my life... I am going to watch him play his last season of baseball. I will be the little one in the stands every game by myself. I will be that one who looks like she's a little too into the game. I am that girl who is super duper proud of her boy!

Anyways... I finally ordered our Save the Dates. I hope we can get those sent out ASAP. I also hope to talk about more wedding stuff with yall... I am not positive I will have time to blog or that the posts I do put together will make any sense... but I am going to try! I also am going to ask that yall all send good thoughts to the admissions office at TWU and UNT... girlfriend needs to be accepted to the School Psych program at TWU!

Here is to a great LAST semester!

January 8, 2013


    Welcome 2013!

     I have been neglecting this little blog of mine lately... I just felt that with all of the things happening in the world I did not need to chime in with my 2 cents. I felt like I needed time to reflect and be thankful for the good in the world. For a while there I was not sure there was actually any good in the world. The horrific, unimaginable events that happened in Newtown, CT. rocked the world. I watched every second of the news shows and reports about that tragedy and I just felt so sad for that town and for the whole world.

I was reflecting on the lives that were lost... those little people may have been the ones to change the world. They are changing the world. I am thankful for them. This event made me reflect on everything in my life. Sometimes we take things for granted... I really wish we didn't, but we are human. I have been trying to be in the moment and just enjoy time spent with my loved ones.

Oh and there was that little thing called CHRISTMAS! Yes Christmas came and went way too fast. I had a fantastic Christmas and I can not wait for next year! :) It will be Cam and I's first married Christmas!!

New years came and went also... Oh and I went to Colorado with the Mavs and Os. We gained a new sister-in-law! We had many laughs and created many new memories. I also gained about 10 new bruises thanks to falling on the ice on the slopes. In case you don't snowboard and you are thinking about it... just be ready to fall. Try to aim for the soft powder.

Anyways here are some of my most favorite moments from 2012... it was a great one and I can not imagine how wonderful 2013 will be! :)