September 1, 2016

Colorado Trip Take Two

     The first week of August we loaded up and drove to Colorado with my side of the family. This was Cambree's second time to go to Colorado, she was 5 weeks old the first time! We borrowed my cousins RV and literally looked like the Griswalds! We left super early Sunday morning and arrived in Northern Colorado just in time for dinner. Our plan was to head to my grandparents and stay the night there then head to their cabin in Red Feathers. We were able to enjoy cell service free time in the mountains with fresh air a cool breeze and lots of animal sitings. We had so much fun with my cousins. Growing up is such a weird and special thing! The boys are total goofballs and we laughed all day everyday. 

My grandparents have two cabins in the mountains just north of Fort Collins. One of them they are completely renovating and it was super cool to see. I wish we lived closed so we could help. This trip made me fall in love with colorado and I am counting the days until we head back up. We saw a momma moose and baby moose while visiting the new cabin. The guys saw two bull moose while fishing. The guys spent their time fishing and being guys while the girls enjoyed the deck and taking turns snuggling Cambree.

The weather was perfect and the best break from Texas's 110 degree weather. the girls went into town and shopped one day and spent time in cute downtown FOCO. We went white water rafting and it was so much fun.

Cambree did great, as always. She enjoyed meeting her new cousins, aunt and uncle,  and grandparents. We were able to see the Helzers and Cam got a glimpse at farm life at the Helzer farm. Leaving the farm really made me wish we visited more often or that Texas was closer to Colorado!