February 24, 2015

Ice Day

  North Texas has been basically been closed since Sunday night. We all went to sleep hopefully for a Monday snow day and we all woke up to straight ice! Here were are Tuesday on Ice Day number 2 and they are calling for actual snow tonight! This week was supposed to be the week we closed on the house and it is the week we have to be out of our apartment so you would think I would be wishing this crazy weather away, but truth is I am loving it. I have spent two full days having fun relaxing and not worrying.

Cam and I (and Deuce) braved the roads Monday afternoon to head over to my parents to have some fun on the golf cart. We ended up staying the night and woke up today to another snow day! We enjoyed sledding on an old cookie sheet, drinking hot chocolate (which may or may not have been spiked), and sitting my the heaters!

Deuce loved it! He was not a big fan of his sweater, but I just couldn't help myself

Where there's a Cam there is a Deuce... he wasn't a fan of sledding, but he loved chasing Cam.

If you follow me on Instagram @baileemav you can see some awesome sledding videos. Hope everyone is having a great week filled with snow (or ice) days!

February 20, 2015

We're buying a house!

   So for the past few years months Cam and I have been house hunting. We started this process sometime before Thanksgiving. If it wasn't for Cam I think we would be living in an apartment the rest of our lives... y'all I am the worst with patience and waiting and just everything that comes with house hunting. God has tested us and I think I have failed miserable, but I have learned so much. Thankfully Cam passes those tests with flying colors and is such a great leader. 

This season of life has been challenging and I hope I can keep growing and remembering the lessons I have learned throughout the process. Our God is a great God and he is always doing good, even if it's not what I wanted or planned. His plan is far greater than my own 

In hopes of finding our first home we were searching in the outskirts of town and looking for homes with some land or at least a back yard big enough for you to stand in. We actually didn't visit that many houses, two to be exact, but we looked online and in the ads for what I thought was forever... there's that patience thing again. In December we put an offer on the house and are hoping to close by the end of February. We have to be out of our apartment by the 28th, so we may be living with our parents by the end of the month. But, I am choosing to trust in God and believe that it will all happen on His timing and if he wants us to live with my parents then by golly that's what we will be doing. 

The house we put an offer on is a small 1220 sq. foot 3 bed 2 bath home built in 1940. It sits on a third of an acre and if the lake had water in it that would be across the street. So this Spring we will be praying for rain! Fill up the lakes! The house has a handful of trees, one big pecan tree right in the front. It is going to be our Fixer Upper. I kinda love it and I love that my husband is so proud and excited about it. I on the other hand I am negative nancy and need an attitude adjustment. Insert of gracious God... thankfully He and my husband extend grace because we all know I need it. 

I really am excited and have a whole list of things that I want done. Cam and I even have the same ideas for the house... for the most part! :) I am excited to be on this journey of life even if its crazy, chaotic, makes me bonkers and teaches me patience. With that being said we are set to close next week, yep I said last week that it would be this Wednesday, but that fell through. So, we are hopeful and crossing all fingers that next week will be the week! It's all in God's hands. 

Here is a sneak peak

February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

     This Valentine's Day was sweet and simple. Cam and I have been celebrating this day together for 8 years now, 2 of them married! WOW! We never really do a whole bunch for this holiday and I don't mind a bit. We had hoped to be moving into our new (to us) house, but as things often do plans fell through. We should now be closing on this house this Wednesday... BTW the house is a whole series of blog posts that I need to put together and hopefully will get to that soon!

Friday I went to my little sister's soccer game with my mom and Kaylee. Luckily I went because my sister ended up getting hurt and mama bear might have lost her marbles if I hadn't been there to help. Kenn will be fine, just a minor concussion. She should be back to playing next week so in the mean time I have a good week off of freezing my bum off in the cold watching her play. 

Saturday Cam woke up early and had to run some errands so I stayed in bed and did a whole lotta nothing. He came home around lunch time to pick me up for our day date. We had planned on going to my parents later to finish up some projects so lunch was going to be our valentines date. We exchanged gifts before heading off to lunch. 

I had no idea what to get Cam until about a week ago while looking at one of my favorite ladies blog and came up with a brilliant idea! I searched online and ended up finding a slate plaque that said "Mavroulis Home established July 26, 2013" and it came in super fast! Thank you Peronsalization mall ! I was also searching for ideas on Etsy and found the cutest Etsy shop, Cover Love. They have a handful of personalized pillows, towels, and other products. I chose the personalized kitchen towel and it has the coordinates of our new house on it. I may have been buying that one for myself more so than Cam, but we can keep that a secret. 

He opened his gifts and he was pretty excited about them! He got me some pretty roses and a sweet sweet card! He also told me he wanted to come home with a puppy, but instead came home with a puppy on a box of chocolates. He also got me a new charm for the James Avery charm bracelet he started last year. It is the sign language sign for "love". 

We went to lunch at Mi Concina, which if you haven't had it you need to go ASAP! Get the Sunset Fajitas and two Mambo Taxis! 

After lunch we went back to the apartment to pick up Deuce and headed to my parents house. The weather was beautiful so we hung out outside in the sunshine and did not get much of anything accomplished. Sunday however, we did get some work done on the projects and I can't wait to see the finished products!

Hope y'all had a Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. I chopped TEN inches off my hair two weeks ago! I donated that ten inches to someone who needed it more than I and my hair feels great, but I am still getting use to this short hair business. Cam has actually always told me to cut my hair short and I surprised him with this haircut and his first response was "why didn't you cut it shorter"... so surprise fail. 

February 11, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: The Reception

I was just going back through my wedding posts and realized I never blogged about the reception. What was I thinking?! We are coming up on two years of marriage and I have to say I am so glad to be out of the planning mode and just living life with my husband. This life we lead is a blessing and I am grateful. 

Now, back to the reception. We had so much fun after the wedding ceremony. We chose our venue because they had a reception area as well as the ceremony area. No one would have to be driving around to find the reception and there was no chance that we would be late... well that late! :) I also loved all of the details and natural light the reception area offered. There was a big inside area that was well air conditioned and there was an outside area. How anyone stayed outside that night is beyond me because I remember it being HOT HOT HOT and humid. We did get married in the middle of a Texas Summer after all. 

Now that I have waited almost two years to talk about our reception I would be lying if I said I remembered every moment. I also have no idea what song we even walked into. I am sure it was a good one and if I remember I will update this with that info. later. I do know that every picture every guest has a smile on their face and I remember feeling incredibly happy and loved the whole day and night. I remember feeling overwhelming love and would go back to that moment in a heart beat. 

Our wedding party was introduced by couple as well as our parents and we walked in last. After being introduced we walked around and talked to all of our guests. I got to hug the necks of all the amazing people that came to our big day. I do remember my Auntie Lorie making Cam and I a plate of queso and chips and having us sit down for .5 seconds to eat! Thankful she did that because I think that is all we ate that night. 

Soon after that it was time for our first dance. We picked the song "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore for our first dance. I loved the song then and I love the song now. I can't help but dream of being able to play it with my sons or daughters some day. Cam and I stole an idea from his oldest brother and sister-in-law and asked all of the married siblings and parents to join us for the end of our first dance. I loved having all of that love up there dancing with us for our first dance as one. 

After the first dance it was time for the father-daughter and mother-son dance. My dad and I danced to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw. Dad didn't stop talking throughout that dance... he didn't want to cry and I didn't either so I am thankful for that. It was such an emotional day! Cam and his mom danced to "It was your song" by Garth Brooks.

The dancing was done and it was time to cut the cake! My gram and many other lovely ladies set up the best desert table that help our cakes. Cam's Aunt Nicole made both of our cakes and they turned out perfect. She made a red velvet baseball groom's cake and a beautiful vanilla cake with ruffles for me! She also made a ton of banana pudding that was housed in tiny mason jars! My Gram made too many mini pies to count and I loved how everything turned out. 

The toasts were up next! My sister and maid of honor gave the most heartfelt toast to both Cam and I. It resulted in tears and laughter. I am so thankful for her! Cam's best men, Rodge and Josh, also gave toasts that were equally sentimental and hilarious. Rodge even ending his toast calling me baby! Once the toasts were over it was time for everyone to get on the dance floor and have fun. 

I hope our guests had as much fun at the wedding as we did! We sure loved watching and spending time with everyone. 

The bouquet and garter toss happened and my best friend Kaylee caught the bouquet. Josh, one of Cam's best men, caught the garter. 

These two have been putting on a show in my life for years

This group is always their supporters! Love them!

The last song played was "Sweet Caroline" and it was the perfect ending to the most perfect time! Then it was time for us to hit the road! We hugged the necks of our loved ones and drove off in a blue corvette! It was a memorable and super fun night! 

This was a night to remember and I
 look forward to many more amazing 
night with this HUSBAND of mine! :) 

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