September 30, 2015

Baby Mav! Coming Soon

Yes, it's true! Cam and I are expecting a baby this spring!
Our official due date is April 29th, 2016. 
We are so excited and thrilled to be chosen as parents and 
can't wait to meet this sweet bundle of joy. 

These two are going to be big brothers! I can't even believe it, but this was their faces when I told them! They have no idea that their world is about to be rocked. 

I had to add this blurry laughing outtake from our quick session with Cam's mom. 
Cam is going to be the greatest dad and I just can't wait! 

September 24, 2015

Our trip to Cabo

    In July we took our second annual trip to Cabo and it was just as great as the first trip. We flew in on the 4th of July and stayed for a full 7 days at the most beautiful resort, Grand Sol Mar Lands End. I highly recommend it if you are planning a trip to Cabo. Last year's trip is recapped over here and this year we got to add two more people (they had just had a baby and couldn't travel yet). Instead of using a taxi this year we rented two different cars since there were ten of us and it worked out pretty smoothly. The resort offers free parking and they even park and bring your car up to the entrance for you. Seriously I could not say more amazing things about this resort. It is truly of the best places we have ever stayed. The staff is amazing, the cleanliness, the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, it is all just lovely. 

This year's weather was much different than last year. Last year apparently was the El Nino summer which made it hot and humid, like dripping sweat and sticky every where you went. We know humidity, after all we are from Texas, but people kept saying that Mexico was different and this year we totally saw and felt that. The air was salty ocean air, but it was not humid nor sticky. I even got cold at a few of our dinners outside. We ate all the same places last year and added a few new places to our list. Please go read last years post about those awesome places. Our new favorite place was an Italian place and a new grill and bar right on the marina. 

This trip was a trip full of fun and crazy memories. None of us will ever forget climbing over the rocks to get to lovers beach that happened to be closed. I actually can't wait to hear that story grow over the years. I did get some pretty awesome pictures out of that sketchy experience and we had a whole beach to ourselves! We all came back with a sun kissed tan. I look forward to next years trip! 
Here is a video I put together of some our my favorite pictures. 

Hasta luego Cabo!