July 29, 2014

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

   Hard to believe we have been married a whole year! I feel like since we just got back from Cabo that we didn't need to do any extravagant celebrating here. In Cabo we were able to take some pictures on the beach thanks to Cam's wonderful mom! I love these pictures and can't wait to put one on a big canvas. Now we just need more wall space in our tiny apartment.

I posted this picture on Instagram... Who knows what we were telling him to do, but this is a typical Cam face that we get often & I know it will be the face I get from mini Cams in the future.

So, our weekend was pretty low key and exactly what we needed. Cam surprised me last month with a brand new camera so that was a combined gift and I didn't expect him to get me anything else! However, he did go with the paper theme for year 1 and got me two different anniversary cards and two bouquets of pretty flowers! I was at a loss for what kind of paper to get cam. I finally came up with an idea one that I had hoped he would enjoy. I got him a 8x10 signed picture of Chris Davis- his favorite baseball player. I also ordered him a Chris Davis shirt, but failed to notice that it was a size large in YOUTH! Sorry Cam!

The only thing I requested for our anniversary was to go eat breakfast somewhere after sleeping in! He delivered... We found this new breakfast place not too far from our apartment. I ordered French Toast & bacon and Cam order the Texas breakfast, both were amazing! Actually we liked the place so much that we went back Sunday after church with Cam's parents!

When we got home from church Cam & I took some pictures holding up a wedding photo. I had seen this on some other blogs and thought it was a cute way to document the years... who knows if we will be able to keep up with it! We took our best self-timer photos and I think I am going to request a tripod from Santa this year.

We also tried our wedding cake (it was actually the top of his groom's cake). I have to say it smelled pretty good and held up fairly well in the freezer. BUT.... I will not be eating anymore of it. That one bite of old cake was good enough for us! I put our left over cake toppers on top that I had saved and had planned on using our wedding forks, but turns out when  you don't use silver for awhile and have it put up it tarnishes. Bummer

This first year of marriage was fun, exciting, trying, full of love, and laughter. I am so grateful for my husband. He is truly my best friend and the person that can make me smile even when I want to strangle him. I dream of our future together and can't believe I am lucky enough to be his!

2013 was a big year and I can't wait to see where 2014 takes us!

July 25, 2014

1 Year Anniversary

I can't believe it has been one whole year since Cam and I said "I do". Our wedding day was just as perfect as I had ever dreamed of it being. My most favorite memory and comment that I get about our wedding day is that everyone was so happy and it was truly a day of joy and celebration. I love looking through all of our pictures of the guests because you can see the joy on their faces.

I remember waking up the morning of our wedding day to my sister bring me Fruit Loops in bed and being completely at peace. I was not nervous or anxious I was just happy and calm. It was a wonderful day and I know that it could not have happened without all of our friends and family.

Our wedding day is a day I will cherish forever and look forward to sharing our story with our kids and grandkids in the future. 

Our first year of marriage has not been without struggles. We have grown in love and each other. I can truly say I love Cameron more today than I did a year ago. We have learned so much about each other as a couple and as individuals. I am proud to call Cameron my husband and would not want to do life with anyone but him.

 Cameron Garner Mavroulis I love you and can not wait to see what our second year of marriage brings! 

July 21, 2014


 If you follow me on Instagram then you know I was vacationing last week! #mavocabo14 My instragam is full of our pool and drink pictures @Baileemav

Cam & I spent a glorious 6 days and 5 nights in Los Cabo, Mexico. We went with his parents and his oldest sister and brother-in-law as well as their newest babe, Maddyn. We stayed at one of the nicest resorts I have ever and probably will ever stay at, Grand Sol Mar Lands End. Y'all, this resort was the best! The people were the nicest, food was great, rooms were cleaner than probably my own! AMAZING! I absolutely loved it. Oh yeah, and they have SIX pools 4 of which are infinity! I highly recommend staying here if you have the chance. I plan on going back every year for the rest of time. It was THAT good. :)

Cam & I flew in a couple hours earlier than his parents so we hung out at baggage claim in the Mexican airport for a while. Once they arrived we loaded up into the resort shuttle and drove about 35 minutes to our resort. Cam & I were starving so upon arrival after receiving our bienvenidos (Welcome) margaritas  we made our way to the Brisas bar (Pool bar) and scarfed down some of the best calamari ever and chicken nachos. We ate while looking out at the ocean and listening to the waves crash at the shore.

After we checked in we decided it was time to try out the pools and it was almost happy hour after all! Ally and Maddyn took a quick snooze on the balcony. The boys enjoyed their happy hour and we met them at dinner later that evening. Dinner was full of wine, shrimp, fish, and bread! We listened to the mariachi band and they played for our table about 5 times.

This trip was full of yummy food, drinks and, sunshine. We ate at some of the local places including, Las Guacamaya's, The Office, and Mariscos las Tes Islas. At Las Guacamaya's we all ordered Stone Bowls. These bowls came hot and straight off the fire full of cheese and different meats. They were fantastic and the best flour tortillas I have ever had. This place not only had fantastic food, but the costumer service was great. The workers were in love with Maddyn and even got her a little blanket and chair to lay in while we ate dinner. 

 We went to Mariscos las Tres Islas because Jim and Cheryl had found this place last year when they vacationed here and remembered it being amazing. I am not that big into seafood and had to really venture out of my comfort zone here. Mostly I held Maddyn and ate about 8 packages of saltine crackers :) Jay ate an eyeball of the fish bellow... gross! Cam had some fish and I ordered breaded shrimp and they were gigantic. Jim and Cheryl ordered the whole fish and ate it off the bone.

baby in a bar!

busy streets of Cabo

 The boys went deep sea fishing on our 4th day there and caught a few fish. They filleted them and we took them into town to be cooked at Solomon's Landing. This place gives you 5 different ways to cook your fish and you can decide on what you would like. They chose fried, cajun, and capers style and they raved about all of them. I happily ate my chicken Caesar salad, but it was so big I couldn't even finish it!

I feel like all we did was eat... this trip was exactly what we all needed rest and relaxation. Another place that we went is a Cabo legend, The Office. 

Here you sit in the sand, drink big (& strong) margaritas, and listen to the waves crash and the sound of different accents and people having a good time. We had some good calamari and chicken quesadillas here. Jay ordered more cerviche and was in love. 

Because I haven't posted enough pictures... longest blog post ever. Here are a few of my most favorite from our trip. 

Spending time with this sweet girl all alone was great. We did miss her siblings though

Every picture of this resort is like a post card... amazing!

Maddyn turned 1 month old while on the beach in Cabo... lucky girl!

Mai Tai 

Hasta luego Cabo!