March 27, 2012

Heavy Heart

  Earlier today I had planned on writing a fun and upbeat post, then life happened... Today I received a message from my Gram and my dad saying that Bocefus had passed away. Bocefus is my Papa's blue heeler, he was his absolute best friend. In a post I wrote many weeks ago I talked in further detail about my Papa and about Bo (it was title "Admire"). Cancer took away yet another being that I love. I just do not understand cancer, it makes me angry, there is so much hurt in everything involved with cancer. I wish that it did not exist in this world.

You may be thinking that it's "just a dog" and there are many other things happening in this world that are worse. I know that, I know that this world is full of hurt and evil. But, if you have ever opened up your heart to the love of a dog you know they become so much more than "just a dog". They have a way of helping you cope with all the craziness in this world that we live in. Bocefus full of life and happiness. He truly had the spirit of my Papa, that is why they were best friends. I am heart broken for my Papa, I know he is strong and I know Bo's spirit will live on with us, but I can't help but be sad.

Bo Bo I am so thankful for the time that we did get to spend with you here on Earth. I will forever remember your sweet, loving, perfect spirit. You always wanted to be a lap dog... not sure if you understood your true size, I know Papa didn't mind though. :) Bo I am so thankful that you have been able to be with my Papa every day, you were the perfect companion and ranch hand. We will miss you Bo and will think about you often. I hope that you are running around under the rainbow bridge with my sweet Tessa. I know she was there to greet you, give her a huge for me.

"No time on Earth is long 
enough to share with 
those we love or to prepare 
our hearts for good bye."
-Mark Levin

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