April 30, 2016

40 Weeks

week 40:

Baby: Cambree is the size of a watermelon and could range from 6 to 7 ish pounds. She is still moving pretty good and it is fun to see my stomach do crazy things. She gets the hiccups almost daily, sometimes even twice a day. She is comfortable up in my ribs and is enjoying her time in my stomach.

Weight: I weighed 126 1/2 pounds at the doctor this week. Which puts me up officially 126 pounds this pregnancy. That may seem like a lot or a little to you, but to me it is quite the amount of weight. My body is sore and tired from carrying around the extra weight and I am anxious to feel more like myself.

Symptoms: Acid reflux came back this week again. I tried to walk her out and do all of the things possible to start labor, minus drinking castor oil and I think she moved even higher in my ribs. My ankles and feet are swollen and I feel like my face is a little swollen, but I haven't really been told that by anyone else. I have had some hip pain and random leg aches, which I imagine is due to the extra weight. Overall, I am thankful to say that I have felt pretty great.

Sleep: Night time is increasingly not a time I look forward to. I have found it harder and harder to get comfortable and usually by the time I am comfortable I have to get up to pee. Speaking of, getting up is hard. I have to swing my legs down off the bed and kind of fall off the bed. The dogs have been getting up with me each time and they make me think like something is going to happen, but so far she's as happy as a clam in my womb. One night this week I woke up drenched in sweat, meanwhile Cam was bundled up. I thought you weren't supposed to have the hot flashes and night sweats until after you deliver?

Cravings: Food is basically just food right now, I can eat little portions and get full pretty quickly. I do have to eat often or I feel tired and weird. I am still liking my fruit cups and have grown fond of the sweets and increasingly chocolate, which is weird because I have never been a huge chocolate fan.

Doctor: We went to the doctor for our 40 week check up. I was a little more effaced than last week, but there was no change in dilation. The doctor was comfortable with setting up an induction date and told me to have a great weekend. It is crazy to think this is our last weekend with out a baby! I would like to say Cam and I spent all day together soaking up our time, but he fished all day with the boys and then hung out with them at the house. Anyways, our induction date is scheduled for Tuesday May 3rd. We will check into the hospital Monday at 8pm and get started on the antibiotics since I am group b positive. We will then start cervidil and try to get some rest before starting pitocin bright and early in the morning. We could have a baby girl by lunch time!

Random: I think the weirdest aspect of this whole journey has been the unknown. There is no timeline for a baby and I think God did that on purpose. He wants us to rely on Him fully throughout this season. I do have to say that I did not think we would make it 40 weeks, but it pretty amazing that my body can hold a baby this long. The human body is pretty amazing.

April 25, 2016

Weeks 38 & 39

week 38:

Baby: Cambree is about the size of a leek. The app estimates her to be around 6.8 pounds and over 19 inches long. She has a firm grasp and is basically a fully developed baby hanging out in my stomach. 

Weight: I am to my weekly appointments at the doctor and this week I weighed in at 126 pounds. 

Symptoms: Somehow contractions have completely stopped this week. I have had some pain in the lower areas, but it is mostly just her moving around. My acid reflux came back with a vengeance this week. I woke up Wednesday in the middle of the night throwing up and it was horrible! I ended up staying home from work and mostly slept all day. I officially have real cankles and swollen feet all day long and not just in the evenings. I also think my face is starting to show some swelling... or that is where some of my weight gain is going. 

Sleep: Sleeping is a guessing game. Some nights I am so tired and I sleep great other nights I feel so tired and am up every hour. I mostly have to pee every hour and sometimes I am wide awake after rolling out of bed. Speaking of... rolling out of bed is so hard. 

Cravings: No real cravings... although I am still a fan of sweets and fruit. 

Doctor: At the doctor I was a full 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced and super hopeful for some changes! Baby girl was perfectly fine at the doctor and her heart rate is steady at 141 bpm. I try to stay standing and walking and moving from the moment I get home until I fall into bed. I sit at work most of the day so when I am home I try to stay busy and get all those steps in. Bring on the contractions!

 week 39:

Baby: She is the size of a mini watermelon... which sounds insane, but when I look down I feel like she is actually the size of a large bowling ball. According to the app she might be around 7 pounds and 20 inches long. She is forming new skin and is starting to be able to control her body temperature. She is running out of room in my stomach. I can feel her all over the place pretty much all day long. She likes to hang out on the right side, but has been rolling and making big movements. She gets the hiccups often and only jabs or pokes sometimes. She is a big fan of sticking her butt straight out and making me feel like my stomach is going to explode. 

Weight: I was up another pound the week putting me up at 127 pounds.

Symptoms: These are pretty much the same as last week. I am still having acid reflux and she is still all up in my areas. My ankles are even more swollen. But, I am feeling pretty great all things considered and am super anxious to meet this baby girl. 

Sleep: I have decided that pregnancy is actually the start of the idea that you can no longer sleep peacefully. I pretty much wake up sore every morning, but the aches and pains go away once I move around. 

Cravings: Not feeling much of anything this week. 

Doctor: I was super hopeful for good news at the doctor this week and I was told there was almost no changes from the week before. I am barely a 2 and still only 50% effaced. Since the baby is still moving around fine and the heart rate sounds good the doctor decided to give me more time and not make a plan until this coming week (40 weeks). 

Random: We are so anxious for this waiting period to be over. It is so weird not knowing when your life is going to change forever, especially for a type A person. Every morning or when Cam hears me gets back into bed he asks if it is time. He is ready to meet his baby girl too and I just know my heart is going to melt. We have all the baby things and only a few more items to get off our registries. We have been blessed with so many great people in our lives and they have gifted us with all of the best things. I was starting to think about how weird it is going to be to not be pregnant anymore. But, I do have to say I am ready to feel "normal-ish" again. 

This is how 39 weeks really looks... 

April 13, 2016

showered with love

We were blessed to have been given three different showers. Each was perfect and sweet. Cambree is loved by so many people and the showers really showed how lucky and blessed we are to have the support that we have. God is so so good.

Our first baby shower was everything I could have dreamt up! My sister, mother, and her best friend worked really hard to make my Pinterest dreams come to life. The shower was beautiful and the company was unmatchable. The theme for the shower incorporated baby books and simple flowers. Kennedy did a great job decorating and Debbie and my mom were quite the hosts. We received so many great gifts and had a great time. One of my most treasured gifts is of course from Gram. She had a blanket quilted out of my old dresses and outfits from when I was a baby for Cambree.

Our second shower was thrown by the Church and the ladies of my mother-in-laws small group. Seriously the sweetest group of ladies. They had perfect black and white with a little bit of blush pink incorporated in the decor. Kathy spoke a beautiful prayer and blessing over Cambree and I and it was so special. We were gifted with so many great presents this shower as well.

The third shower was probably the most fun because it was full of all our friends. Cheryl and Ally and Amanda threw us a couples shower. It was technically a beer and diapers shower, but we called it a couples shower. It was basically just Cam and I getting to hang out with our most cherished friends and family on a Saturday night. It was low key and laid back and perfect. We were gifted so so so many diapers and wipes! Cam counted them all when we got home and he added up 1200 diapers! So awesome! We were blessed with the best and we can't wait to bring Cambree into this world to meet all of these amazing people.

April 12, 2016

Weeks 34-37

Where does the time go? I feel like this past month has flown by and I can't even imagine how I am going to feel about the thief of time once our baby girl is here. We have been busy and enjoying the last few weeks of it just being "us". But, oh are we so ready to meet her! Here is an update on what I have been feeling the past few weeks.

week 34

week 35

week 36

week 37

Baby: Right now we are 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant. According to one app she is the size of a bunch of Swiss chard (whatever that is) or romaine lettuce. The app says she could be almost 19 inches. Our sonogram at 36 weeks measured her to weigh in at 5 pounds 3 ounces. The app says she could be gaining about 1/2 ounce each day.

Weight: At my last two appointments I was 125 pounds, which puts me up 25 full pounds.

Symptoms: Besides third trimester aches and pains I have been feeling pretty great. I do get tired easily and sometimes just walking across the office wears me out. I am increasingly dependent on Cam to push me out of bed or help me sit up if I have put myself somewhere awkward... ya know because I still feel like I can sit criss cross applesauce on the ground to paint the dresser. I have become best friends with Tums chewables in the smoothie flavors. They are so good and they help the heartburn situation pretty quickly. I officially have cankles and swollen feet, but it's not too bad. Everyone tells me I look like I'm hiding a basketball under my shirt and I still have to do a double take when I catch my reflection in the mirror.

Sleep: Sleep changes on the daily. I sometimes sleep so well and hard at night that I don't hear anything and only wake up to pee once. Then there are nights when I wake up to pee every hour. I basically roll myself off the bed and I am now sleeping with 6 different pillows because the rib pain is just too much. So I have one pillow under my stomach and one under my back and I kind of lay sideways.

Cravings: I still really like fruit cups and fresh fruit. I have been a big fan of chocolate recently too. Girlfriend has a sweet tooth like her father.

Doctor: We had our last scheduled sonogram at 36 weeks and were able to see her sweet profile! She has a cute button nose and kissable lips. We brought along both grams and I think they were in heaven for the morning. I was checked for the first time at my 37 week appointment and the doctor said she was pleased with my progress. She said I was dilated to a one and that she would see me in a week if not sooner... I was trying to not have false hope that we would go into labor, but the whole anticipation of not knowing is pretty killer. I did have some bleeding and spotting before and after being checked. The labor and delivery nurses told me not to come in unless the bleeding continued for longer than 4 hours or increased so we waited it out at home. I scared Cam with that message and he has been a bit more cautious of everything since then. Overall, I am a healthy and happy pregnant lady. I always wanted to be able to enjoy pregnancy, as it is such a gift, and I am so thankful this one has been fairly easy on me.

Random: Cam asks every morning if she is going to be here today. He can't wait to meet her and it is just the cutest thing. We officially have the baby room set up with the exception of an unfinished dresser. I plan on finishing that this week. It is surreal to walk into our home and see baby things. I am used to seeing dog toys and paw prints scattered throughout the house, but I love the addition of tiny baby things. We are anxiously awaiting her arrival and I feel like with every contraction and braxton hicks contraction we are getting more anxious.

We celebrated our last shower with friends and family this past weekend. I was able to snag one picture with my baby daddy and then everyone was having too much fun to take pictures. His mom and sisters planned a couples shower for us. It was a great time with family and friends.