March 14, 2012

Square It

   I have stumbled upon another amazing group! It is a website called Hendrick Boards.
This is a group of people from California that started a business selling eco friendly skateboards and apparel. I am not a skateboarder so I will not be buying any skateboards.

But, what is really amazing about this group is that they decided they wanted to do more with the things they were selling. So in their shop they started a brand called Square It: Be The Change. The idea of this brand is to provide shelter animals all across the world with donations! Amazing! So with each purchase a percentage will go to a shelter. Every two weeks they have a special t-shirt that will give a 10 dollar donation. I think this is the coolest idea ever and I must warn my friends and family that for birthdays and Christmas you may be getting something like this. Because after all what can be better than giving to someone who is in need right?!

Go check out the website! The clothing is cute and comfortable (perfect combination)! :)

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