March 30, 2012

It's Friday!

   Another school week has passed and it is once again time for a weekend full of baseball! UCO plays Lindenwood University this weekend and some of the Mavs will be in town. I sure wish we could get all the Mavs, O's, and Hayes' up here! The weather is absolutely beautiful and I am so incredibly excited for summer... actually, if this weather keeps up I am just plain excited for the next few weeks. We have 5 weeks of Spring semester left! Yes, FIVE! woo hoo! But, I am not wishing my time away because I am so loving this Spring season. I do not have much on my mind today, just simply happy. :)

I am currently loving the spring flowers and the bright green grass. I want to plant flowers every where, luckily my mom is already doing that back home in Texas! Maybe I have caught the "flower fever" from her :). Thanks to Pinterest I have been dreaming up my own beautiful and big garden... It will have to wait until I have my own house, but a girl can dream right! Here are a few pictures that I am currently loving on Pinterest!

I hope yall have a great weekend. I will hopefully be back to tell you about the games and will have some pictures!

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