May 2, 2013

What am I good at?

Ladies we have made it to day 2 of Blog Every Day in May... Now the topic of the day is what I am good at? I have been thinking about this question all morning while sitting in class.. Obviously I am not good at paying attention in class today. I came home to get lunch and finally decided what I am really actually good at...

Cleaning. Yall,  I can clean up some rooms. I actually really enjoy cleaning on a regular basis. I love the way a clean home smells. My dream would be able to walk into a clean house every day of my life... reality is that is not possible. But, I could just kick all my roommates out and my dog, oh and my fiance... eh, that probably won't work. Ok, back to my skills.

I am slighty completely obsessed with cleaning and organization products. Give me a basket of goods from the cleaning isle of Target and I will love you forever and ever! :)
I have a handful of my most favorite organization blogs and drool over them daily. Jen over at I Heart Organizing and Toni at A Bowl Full Of Lemons. Those girls speak my love language.

I think my love for cleaning and over all enjoying a clean house goes back to my gem of a mother. Being the oldest and having a six year age difference I was able to have a lot of alone time with my parents. My mom definitely passed on her cleaning genes to me. She says by the age of 2 I knew how to windex and sweep... pretty solid talents if you ask me.

Basically... I dream in sparkling floors, vacuum lines on the carpet, and the smell of bleach. :) These two blogs have some fantastic charts and cleaning plans as well as special cleaning supplies. You should check them out! I have not actually used any of these charts, but I am thinking they will work quite well when I do have a family of my own. I am hoping to pass on my cleaning genes to all my offspring! Ha!


  1. Lets say A certain someone were to buy you these "dream cleaning supplies from target" and then invite you over for dinner...

    Would said dinner party end in a cleaning fest? Lets face it, my house really needs it.

    1. haha I will be there! Get me some chips and queso and I'm in!