May 5, 2013

Blog Friends...

   Day 5: Blogger friends... I like to think that I have a bunch of blogger friends. In reality, I have not actually said one word to any of them. I have a handful of blogs that I read on a daily basis. I love reading them and getting a glimpse into their every day life. Most of the blogs I follow I really feel like we would be real life friends. The blogger lady I am choosing to talk about today I do actually know in real life!

   Kimber is a fellow Texan and I actually met her through mutual friends. She is one of the ladies who inspired me to start my own blog. She is a new mom and wife to a cute red headed man. She is a strong and encouraging lady. If I have a question about anything I know I can ask her! She is so kind and friendly. 

She blogs about the realities in ever day life... She is so truthful and honest in every post, also pretty funny. She is super creative and crafty. Girlfriend needs to pass along some of her skills to me! She truly is shining His light! She has a heart for the Lord and is using her blog in amazing ways. I encourage you to go check her out!... No, not that way! Ha! Go read her posts! 

P.S. Kimber hope you don't think I am a total weirdo after this post! :)

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