May 10, 2013

Day 9

   The topic for Day 9 of blog every day in may is "most embarrassing moment(s)".
I am not a fan of embarrassment of any kind... but I do have some of my own embarrassing moments. I try to block most of those out of my memory :). Since we are supposed to spill the beans I will share my most recent embarrassing moment. 

Two or three weeks ago on a Tuesday I was sitting at Cam's baseball game. It was windy and not very warm out and I was by myself so I sat in my car. Their field is pretty cool and you can see the whole field from the parking lot, so it is pretty nifty for all the cold weather we have endured this year. Anyways... there was about 4 other cars by mine and the wind was blowing out... not to the right where our cars were. A foul ball was hit and while sitting in my car watching it in slow motion I was saying "please don't hit me, please don't hit me...". Guess what... it hit me. Smack dab on the hood of my car with a big thud! 

Luckily there was no damage and you could only tell where the ball hit because there was the indentions of the laces in the dust on my car. The most embarrassing part of this is that of course every one turns to see where the ball goes and I was in my car just watching it hit me! I obviously wasn't going to get out and catch it... 

Also, the radio announcer said "and that foul ball hit a car... and the girl was in it"! I stayed until the end of the inning and immediately went home! 

After the game Cam came home still laughing about the whole incident and said all the guys in the dug out had a good laugh too. 


  1. hahaha oh my goodness! that's a good a story. I, sadly, would've tried the duck & hide approach, which would have left me hiding for the remainder of the game. as long as there was no damage, it's funny! xo - chels @

    1. Yes! Luckily no damage!