May 9, 2013

Day 8 & 9

    So, finals I guess caught up with me because I forgot to post yesterday! Don't worry I have a piece of advice for yall today! This piece of advice has been told for many many years... In this fast paced world it is often hard to just enjoy the moments. I really want to focus on enjoying all of the little and big moments. I want to slow down and just take in the view... even if it is not beautiful like a beach. It always seems to be easier to slow down when we are on vacation, but we need to remember to reflect daily!

Day 9: "a moment in my day"

This morning I spent my time studying for my very last final! I am now a UCO graduate... hello Bachelors of Arts in Psychology! I also watched my boys play baseball in Kansas City... if you can't be there you have to pretend. That is my philosophy at least :) I listened to live audio and watched stats all the up to my test. I was able to see Cam's hit right before I turned my phone off! Yay Cam! Still wish I could have been there.... they need to win tonight or we will be done with baseball... until he is a coach. Pretty darn depressing if you ask me. I guess we have to grow up sometime huh?


  1. This is just the best advice- enjoying the little things and being present in the moment is a must... those little things are really what its all about :)

    And congrats on your graduation!!!

    1. Oh thank you so much! I love your blog!