May 3, 2013


      Day 3: "things that make you uncomfortable". I unfortunately have too many things that make me uncomfortable. I am a pretty awkward human being. I am an introvert... like on the farthest scale of introvert, not just a bit neurotic and shy... so like a normal list obsessed person would do I am going to make a bullet point list of things that truly make me uncomfortable.

  • Crowds... put me in a group of people and I become a jumbled ball of nerves. 
  • Shopping... unless I am shopping for Nike sweats, Christmas decorations, or kitchen things I could care less about walking into a store. I have never been a fan of shopping, mostly because I can NEVER find clothes that fit my body! To say that is annoying is an understatement. 
  • Walking into a room full of people. For example, a classroom... I will never ever be late simply because I can not walk into a room full of people. 
  • Public restrooms in general... If I can avoid using one I will. 
  • Being embarrassed or seeing other people get embarrassed. 
  • When parents yell or reprimand their children in public... there is a time and place for everything... I am not positive the middle of Walmart is the right place to tell your child you are going to whip them. 

And with that.. I think I am done listing things that make me uncomfortable because this post is getting there... 


  1. i totally agree with seeing other people do embarrassing things. that is a big on for me. i always just feel awkward for them

  2. I am right there with you. I am not a people person. People just freak me out.