May 2, 2013

May Goals

It is the second day in May but, it is actually just under 40 degrees and there has been rain and 30 mph winds... not so Spring like. at all! Let's just say walking to class today was a total bummer. On the bright side it was my very very last day to walk to class! I did not meet all of my April goals, but I have to give myself some credit on completing some!


 Book Caterer and Dj.
 Finish all research papers.
 Go on a date night with Cam.  (it was fantastic)
 Start thinking about hostess gifts.
 Watch Cam play baseball. (Made it to conference tournament!)
 Enjoy these last few weeks of undergrad. (It is D O N E)
 Figure out gift for the P family. 
 Find gift for Nacoe. 


 Find and order invitations.
 Give Deuce a bath. (I missed this one the couple days of Spring we have had)
 Start thinking about hostess gifts.
 Continue doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. (totally sucked this one up... no excuses)
 Find shoes and jewelry for the wedding.


Order wedding invitations.
Bathe my dog!
Start couch to 5 k... there is 5k race called the Jalapeno Run in June!
Read for fun!
Find a job... a big girl job.
Enjoy the rest of wedding planning.
Take pretty bridal pictures!

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