April 27, 2012

It's Friday!

    Ffffrrrriiiiidddddaaaaayyyyyy! I survived another week of school and sickness! Hopefully yall have to... If you reading this you have and congratulations! :) One day (hopefully soon) my body will start to be nice to me again. Luckily I am kidney stone free and pray that I never have one of those again. Now to get rid of this cold/flu that I have going on. Regardless of what my body is saying I am going to have a good weekend!

   Cam's oldest brother and sister in-law (Coby and Bradey) just found out they are having a little girl! SOOOOOOO excited for them! You can check out her blog over here... She is awesome yall. Cam and I are going to their house tonight to celebrate and watch the Rangers. 

    The Ocheskey's and Melissa are coming to OKC! Ally (Cam's oldest sister) and Melissa (her bff) are running the OKC Memorial Half Marathon on Sunday! They are awesome. I am so excited to see them run this race... mostly I am excited to hug them and spend time with the O family. I can not wait to see Camden, Braelynn, and Crayton, I will be sure to take lots of pictures of them. Yall, they are seriously the cutest little kids in all the land! Ally also has a blog if you want to check it out over here.... :) 

Cam's last game of the season will be this Saturday at UCO. His lovely parents will be up here to watch with me. :) We have come close to finshing yet another amazing baseball season. I love watching Cam play and I love spending time with his family. 
I hope yall have a great weekend. :)

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