April 11, 2012

It's been a while...

    Sorry loves it has been a while since I updated... I have not been neglecting you don't worry, just been busy! I had the best weekend in all of weekends! I also have that little thing called college to worry about... ya you're right it's overrated ;) (jk mom and dad it's totally worth it!) So my weekend started Friday at about noon when I got out of class. Deuce and I packed my car up and headed south to Texas! Deuce is always a very good dog, but this weekend he was on his absolute best behavior and I was so proud of him! I know I'm lame I talk about my dog likes he is a child.... Deuce and I stopped in the great town of Thackerville to visit my grandparents! They were planting their garden so Deuce and I kept them company for a while. Deuce loved having room to run free and the smells of the country (mostly cows and dirt). He also smelled like a cow when we got back in the car to head to my house. That being said he definitely got a bath when we finally got home. Friday night we had dinner with the neighbors, Deuce got to meet all my neighbors and the neighborhood dogs.

Saturday I talked my dad and Kaylee into driving 3 hours to Abilene to watch two of my best friends play baseball at ACU! It was a quick trip down and back. Rodge and Josh both did not play but boy it was good to be able to see their smiling faces and give them a hug! Sunday was Easter and we spent it at my house this year... Some of the family from Oklahoma and my lovely cousins came down and my mom cooked an amazing huge dinner. Cam was also able to spend Easter day with us and I am so grateful that he enjoys spending time with my crazy fam. We died Easter eggs... how can you have Easter without egg dying!

Cam and I then went to his house and loaded up in the car to head to see the Rangers play! We sat in the homerun porch and we filled up almost a whole row. Cam's family is amazing and so incredibly close I absolutely love it! We had everyone together expect two and a half of our Oklahoma fam... Coby and Bradey were in Oklahoma, she is busy cooking up a baby Mav! :)

 Here are some of the pictures I took with my handy dandy I phone... When I am able to get Cheryl's pics I will post them!

Deuce enjoyed his bath

This is the mug I woke up to Saturday morning

Josh & Rodge are in that line!


Marley & Cam enjoyed bonding time in the chair

My fam!

The cousins and the little sis


Two lovely boys!

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