April 5, 2012

Easter Weekend!

   It is Easter weekend, well almost! I am getting Deuce and I ready to head home to Texas. Cam and Cory and their dad are in Kansas playing baseball, they should be back to Texas on Saturday. So, for now it is just me and my Deuce. He and I are going to have a sleep over at Cam's parents house, I would keep him at mine but my little dog is a grumpy old lady!

This weekend will be full of fun, family, and BASEBALL!!! Although I am missing the games in Emporia this weekend I do get to catch a game in Abilene! I am so excited to see two of my favorite boys play for ACU! I will hopefully remember to take some good pictures (although they will not be Cheryl Mav quality). It will be a quick trip to West Texas, but it will be well worth it. Sunday will be a great Easter morning spent with my family and some alone time with my Great God, then we will head back to Oklahoma. Oh... AND I have great news! Sunday at 7:05 I will be at RANGER'S STADIUM!!! CAN NOT WAIT to watch my rangers! :) I hope yall have a great Easter weekend, love on your fam!

Here are a few of the people I can not wait to see this weekend and also some awesome Easter decorations that I am just loving!

Who makes eggs like this?!

I also can not wait to see my Mom, Dad, Kenn, Sam, Kaylee, Cam, Randi, Josh, Rodge,  Ally, Jay, Cory, Cheryl, Jim, Crayton, Braelynn, Camden, Gram and Papa. :) Oh, and my pups!
I am SO blessed to be able to have all of those people in my life!

So grateful that we have a great God and that he is love, mercy, grace, and EVERYTHING I will ever need!

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