April 18, 2012


I love these pretty printables... I pin them all the time on my pinterest and I look at all the different ones on  Etsy! I would like to have these hanging on all the walls in my house! They are colorful and happy which makes me colorful and happy! I hope yall are having a good Wednesday!

this one I found on pinterest... 
I am a huge introvert and this fits me perfectly. 
I thought it was amusing


  1. I have an introvert in my classroom and I read tons of articles to help understand him. (: I always think of you when I see things like this. (my favorite is number 12.)

    Ps you're perfect just how you are.. getting to know an introvert is like opening an awesome present slowly-- a present that definitely keeps giving.

    Love you sweet girl!

    1. :) thank you Bradey! I love that analogy!