April 13, 2012

It's Friday!

  It is Friday again... that kind of felt like a fast week! woo hoo! Today is my deep cleaning day. Every day I have my own routine that I do to keep the house picked up and tidy. I just have a hard time feeling "clean" in this rental, well because it is a rental... Yeah I know I have mental problems. Anyways... I am also going to do deep cleaning today because my mom and Kaylee are coming to town! I actually enjoy cleaning, it is kind of a way for me to release my stress. Working out would probably be a better release for my body, but ya know we all have what helps us!

In this post I decided it would be fun to make a list of things that I love to use while cleaning or organizing and some of the things that would be my dream to use! This list might also just be a modge podge of how I want my eventual house to look! I am not going to lie I may have borrowed some of these ideas from a couple amazing blog ladies!

Under the kitchen sink storage. I want to do this!

This is just my dream laundry room... 
I Heart Organizing is amazing

I want to find something like this for cheap. 
I think it is perfect storage little area for a small kitchen area. 

If only this is what my linen closet looked like...sigh

Someday my pantry will look like this!

I want to find those pretty drawers... 
much better than what I have now. 

My dream Dyson vacuum. 
I am not completely sold on the bag-less though
 because it actually means you have to clean the vacuum more!

These little things are pretty nifty! Use them all the time. 

This... is AMAZING. 
Go buy one right now! 

This is the face that follows me around the house.
He is the perfect cleaning companion!

Happy Friday Yall!

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