April 4, 2012

Clean Freaks

   Yall... I have found the BEST show in all the land! It is on HGTV and called Clean Freaks! Hello, the title screams bbaaaillleee! :) So I found this show because a blogger that I follow is amazing and she was on it! You can check out her blog at IHeart Organizing . Her blog is full of organizing tips and tricks and she also has tutorials for DIY decorations and printables! She is also a wife and mother to THREE boys! A lady after my own heart!

The show Clean Freaks is hosted by Sabrina Soto who is an expert organizer. In this show she travels around the world and visits other "clean freaks" homes! Now, these people are like EXTREME clean freaks! I was in awe watching this show. They have the most organized closets, pantries, refrigerators, and even kid's rooms! Its awesome. Yall need to watch this show! Here are some of the awesome rooms that were shown on this particular episode of the show.

The Jones' family fridge.

AMAZING pantry.

I could probably live in this beautiful laundry room.

What an awesome entry way!

    All of these photos are from IHeart Organizing blog and you can click this link and go tour their entire amazing home. I may be moving in with this family... To bad they live hundreds of miles away! I now want to redo everything in this house and I want color code and organize EVERYTHING! 


  1. Looks just like the Ocheskey house! Haha! ;o)

    1. The Ocheskey house is just a beautiful! Sure miss you O's!! I would move into your house too if I could :)

  2. Hi, do you remember the other episode? I only know "the Smith", "Alejandra Costello",but the others ? thank you :)