May 6, 2012

Catching My Breath...

  It has been a while since we last talked... Melissa and Ally successfully ran the OKC Memorial  1/2 Marathon. I knew they would rock it, they even looked beautiful when they finished! We also got to all go eat at Cracker Barrel, table for 16 please. :) 

I have successfully finished my Junior year of college. What?! That sounds crazy... I am now patiently impatiently waiting for my final grades, so far I have three A's. (yes I am bragging on myself)... I now have a full month before I start my summer courses. Cam and I also moved out of our little cottage in Edmond... We were helped by our wonderful families. Soooo thankful for guys and their muscles. Moving is hard work, it even wore Duece out. 

We also dodged a crazy Oklahoma storm... We opted to leave the trailer of stuff at my grandparents in the barn so that our stuff did not get rained on. 
I am terribly sorry for the lack of quality in this picture. 
I am really the worst at being still.

Cam will now be home until the end of May... He is going to play baseball in Kansas all summer. :( I will miss him, but I know that he will have fun. I am now going to continue to relax... I am happily moved into my room at my parents house and my parents are currently making a wonderful dinner to fill my belly! 

p.s. I am making it a goal to blog more! :) Be ready yall! 

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