April 2, 2012

Movie Monday

    It is Monday and I have felt kind of "blah" all day long, maybe it is the storm coming in. Hopefully we actually get some of the storms they are talking about because I would like to sleep to the sound of rain tonight. Last night Deuce decided it would be a good idea to sleep with me in my room, so basically I got no sleep. He is literally the king of all bed hogs... worse than my sister! :) He also dreams all night long like a human, also like a human he sleeps on a pillow (mine). He may be another reason I have felt "blah" all day long. Anyways... I have tons of movies that I want to see so I thought I would write a post about them. I am also procrastinating writing my letter of interest for grad school.

Hunger Games... Yes I still have yet to see it! Im dying over here!

I also have yet to see this awesome movie... 
Yall read the books!

I want to read this book before I watch the movie, but the previews look awesome!

This looks hilarious! It is also a book by Steve Harvey. 


  1. Looks like we have some movie watching to do when we all get in the same town!! I want to see ALL of those movies. I have already seen Hunger Games, but of course I would watch it again! Love ya!

    1. Yes yes yes!!! Cheryl was talking about how we (us girls -maybe the boys sometimes) need to have a movie night once a weekish! Love you!