February 3, 2012

February Photo A Day

This month on Instagram (the coolest I phone app) the blogger Fatmumslim  has started this "Feb photo a day" thing. After seeing one of my friends say she was going to start it I decided I wanted to as well. I was thinking it may get me in the habit of taking more pictures, which if you recall is my new years resolution. Since I do not have a cool camera most of my pictures will be on instagram!  You can follow me there at baileeh113 :) If they are not on instagram and the mighyt I phone they will be from Cheryl Mavroulis. Cam's mom who has an amazing gift of photography! I plan on putting my pictures on here... so far I have completed the first three days. 
I hope yall join in on the fun :)

 Day 1: My view. Deuce & I played ball outside in the sun!
Yes, it was February 1st and almost 70 degrees!

Day 2: Words. 
1 Peter 5:7

Day 3: Hands. 
Baseball season begins tomorrow! 
(picture courtesy of Cheryl Mav) 


  1. I like your pictures!!! 70 degrees??? wow!!! I am visiting from Feb Photo A Day link up :)