January 28, 2012

Crazy Week

This week has been a crazy and stressful one. I decided that it would be best to update yall with wonderful i phone pictures... then I was going through them and realized they are almost all food, but just know that I do other things than eat. One of the many resolutions that I make every year (and don't succeed with) is to take more pictures. I  really am bad about pictures and I wish I was better because I love looking at them. Anyways, like I said this week was stress filled and just as I was thinking that this semester was going to be awful I got an awakening. Somehow He always knows what I need and is able to give me perspective :) Baseball season is almost here and this weekend Cam had a scrimmage. I usually go to his scrimmages, but they just do not feel like real games when I am sitting by myself with out the rest of his fan club (aka his mom and dad). BUT! Today we had an amazing surprise! I was at the game being cold and I got a call from Cheryl (his mom). When I answered she asked if it was any warmer where I was standing and I immediately turned around and saw them in their car! It was a great surprise and of course Cam saw them drive in, somehow he is always able to see whenever any one of us is in the area. After dinner I was in the car and reading on my phone and I came upon this verse
Which reminded me that He is always there and always hears what is in my heart. The only thing I need to do is ask Him! :) So, I will now continue my forever journey of not worrying so incredibly much! So here are some of the other pictures of my week.

Deuce likes to think he owns the place... he is currently snoring by my side as I write this. :)

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  1. Loved this post. I cried when you talked about Cheryl's phone call! Love you!!