February 11, 2012

February Photo A Day

Day 4: Strangers
We played Austin College

 Day 5: 10 am. 
I was not able to take a picture at 10 am on this day. 
I think I was eating pancakes and bacon that my Gram
had cooked. I was awake to see 2 am, which was not fun.

Day 6:Dinner
Trix are not just for kids.
Eating cereal for dinner has always been one of my favorite things.

Day 7: Button
I chose my Macbook keyboard.
I was working on homework (all the time). 

Day 8: Sun
The sun was hiding behind the clouds all day.
This is a sunflower tattoo that my mom and I got in August of 2010.
Yep, my mom rocks!

Day 9: Front Door
This is our front door in Oklahoma.
It's nothing fancy, but it is a nice little cottage.

Day 10: Self Portrait
I never take pictures of myself, so this is my little sister and I.
Yes, we are dressed as eskimos. It was 40 degrees and windy at a baseball game!

Day 11: Makes You Happy
I was in Target with my mom, sister, and Kaylee.
Of course, I always wander into the book area.
I stayed there for a good twenty minutes and added 10 books to my book list.
(I tried to take a picture of my three dogs... they do not EVER sit still!
 but they make me very happy)

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