February 24, 2012

Fun Friday!

    Today is Friday and I have very exciting plans for Deuce and myself. I am includding Deuce in my plans because, well he is always with me, and Cam is out of town. UCO baseball has traveled to Kingsville, Texas to play ball! I am still bummed that I am not there... but in order to keep myself occupied I have made up a list, a Fun Friday list. You are probably wondering what my fun Friday list consists of... Well, it consists of cleaning (everything top to bottom), vacuuming, laundry, eating Potato soup from Panera Bread, and curling up in bed to watch all of season 4 of One Tree Hill. :) I can not help but absoluetely love the feeling of a clean and yummy smelling house! Yep, I am a wild one! I might even throw in some time to read on my Kindle. :) I hope everyone has a fabulous fun Friday! 

This is the laundry room I will be pretending to do laundry in... 

This is a totally realistic idea of a bed. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous fun Friday! :)

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