February 13, 2012

I Love Books!

   It is a snowy morning today and although UCO has chosen to open late I still have class. I am not super happy about this (1. because I want a snow day and 2. because I have a lot of stuff to do). This past weekend I surprised my family in Texas and was able to see my sister's soccer game. It was a fun weekend full of family and I was able to do girly things with my mom and sisters (Sam and Kaylee). We saw The Vow! AMAZING! We also went to Target and ate at my favorite restaurant, Pasados. While in Target I spent the majority of my time in the book isle and I added 10 books to my book list! Yes, 10... My book list is already a mile long! So, this is what I really need to get done. I would like to read ALL day (or week) in the reading nook that I found on pinterest

I do not want to think about school, at all. I want to get lost in all of my books and my amazing Kindle Fire! I know I am not the only book worm out there... so to all my book worms I love ya! I read the Hunger Games series over Christmas break, it was great you should all read it! I have now started the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, I am on the third book. They are funny... you should also read them!

I will now go to class and think about all of the books and book series I want to finish and also start. I am also taking my coffee! Happy Monday everyone :)

Go see the vow, you will fall head over heels for Channing Tatum :) .


  1. I love you too little book worm. I can't wait until this summer where we can be book worms together...ON.THE. BEACH.

    1. :) Yes I CAN NOT wait!!!! Will be another wonderful summer!