February 22, 2012


It was a weekend full of baseball and the Mavroulis family! Can't think of a much better way to spend my weekend... :) Friday was UCO's home opener against Northwestern Missouri State. It was a crazy game to say the least... The coach got thrown out, Umps make bad calls, and we went into extra innings! Cam was the one to tie it up in the 9th which put us in extra innings (exciting)! We finally ended up hitting a walk off home run in the 11th inning! What a way to open up the season! Woo hoo! It was exciting for everyone... except the other team :) The games Saturday and Sunday were just as fun. Coby and Bradey were able to make it Sunday! That couldnt have made Cam more happier than to have his two brothers and dad watch him play they all love. The UCO Bronchos swept (winning all 4 games)! So thankful I get to spend my weekends like that! We need the O family, Randi, Hayes fam, and Breck to join us every other weekend as well! Here are some pictures taken by Cheryl from this great weekend! 

Photos by: Cheryl Mavroulis

P.S. Cam got his first homerun of the season yesterday and I got to see it! So proud!... you can check out a recap of the games at this link.


  1. Love you! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!