February 9, 2012

Baseball Season Is Here!

   This weekend was the home opener for UCO College baseball. We played Austin College in Sherman, TX. It was probably the best location because it was close enough to Fort Worth and also to Thackerville. I was able to stay with my grandparents in Thackerville all weekend and Cam's family and my family were also able to come up from Fort Worth. HELLO best weekend ever. :) If you know me at all you know I absolutely love my families! The boys started the year off with a bang! They swept Austin college in the three game series and won each game by 12 or more runs. Talk about a high scoring game... It made for an exciting series for us. I am so grateful that my family loves Cameron and his family just as much as I do. I am also very grateful that Cam's family lets me be a part of their amazing family. Here are some pictures from the weekend... of course taken from the amazing Cheryl Mavroulis. :) Enjoy

These are 3 of the sweetest & cutest kids you will ever see :) 



Photos by: Cheryl Mav

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