February 28, 2012

Dog Talk Tuesday

   Today is Tuesday and I want to talk about dogs. As you know, or soon will find out if you don't, I absolutely love dogs! I honestly do not understand how people can live in a house with out one (or a couple) :) . Growing up I have always had dogs in my life. Most of my memories of childhood are about my dogs. I love all sizes, shapes, and types of dogs. I have three dogs at my parent's house in Texas, Marley, Roxi, and Jinx. Here in Oklahoma we have Cam's dog Deuce. I love how each of the animals have completely different personalities. They are like little people with fur, I hold them all close to my heart. Marley is a Bullmastiff and I think is best explained as a goofball, she is 100lbs of funny. Roxi is an English bulldog and if you have ever had a bulldog you know they have huge personalities and that Roxi does. She is a complete sweet heart, but also has a wild side. Jinx is a miniature schnauzer and she is my baby. She is 12 years old, but will always be my sweet baby. Jinx is a firecracker, kind of like my mom. She is very protective and thinks she's the boss even though she weighs 15 lbs. I like to describe Deuce as being Cameron in a dog body. They are literally like twins. Deuce always can make me smile and he is great company up here in Oklahoma. He sure does love his Cam though! (which is perfectly fine with me because I do too!) So, I think I have bored yall enough with words... here are some pictures of the dogs in my life.

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