January 29, 2015

Valentines in the Apartment

I love decorating for fall and Christmas, but totally slack on the other holidays. I love seeing other peoples houses decorated for the holidays and I grew up in a home that decorated and celebrated every holiday full out so I am not sure why I haven't adopted this trait. However, this year at Target I found the cutest burlap banner in the dollar section and had to get it! So here is some of my valentines decor around the apartment. Hoping that when we are in a house I can have more space and room to stick cute decor! Also will be scanning the isles the day after valentines for all the sales! I of course had my trusty side kick by me while snapping pictures. All of the prints are from Naptime Diaries advent or other bible studies. LOVE them! Hoping this February is full of love.

I am going to work hard to not be so negative and see all the joy and love in everything and everyone.

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