January 27, 2015


Reading: I just finished reading the last two books I reviewed in my previous posts. "A little salty to cut the sweet" and "Sparkling green earrings". Loved both of them and since Miss Boo Mama has a brand new book out I snatched that up in my kindle and have been reading it. Those interested it is called "Home is Where My People Are" and so far I love it. I am just finished reading the book of John with She Reads Truth.

Thinking about: Oh, this is different depending on the hour of day that you ask me. Right now at 9:42 a.m. on this Tuesday morning I am thinking about the house inspection later this afternoon. Oh, yeah I didn't mention that... We are in the process of buying our first home. That deserves a post in itself and I will get to that when I can find the words for a complete sentence. So far my mind is on a roller coaster just like my emotions and mood.

Listening: I cannot stop listening to Bethel music. I watched their live stream of their newest recordings two weekends ago and fell in love. Seriously Jenn Johnson's voice is angelic.

Watching: Stalker. and just about every other reality show... I am a closet reality show junkie. I guess that makes me an out of the closet reality show junkie now. But, back to Stalker. I love it! It freaks me out every time I watch it and thank goodness its only on one night a week.

Planning: Well, this one changes depending on the hour of the day as well. I have been engulfed in planning our house that we don't even have yet. I also feel like I am always planning for our future. When I say planning its more like dreaming... I can't wait to start our family and am having the toughest time "waiting". God is doing work in this impatient soul of mine as well as teaching me to have faith. Blind faith.

Loving: this sunny and 75 degree weather Texas has been having. The sun has been shining and it is really bringing the Spring Fever! I am still holding out for one snow day though. I am also forever loving my fur baby.

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