January 15, 2015

Family Pictures

Back in December we talked my talented photog mother-in-law to take our family pictures. We went up to Oklahoma because we figured it would be easier for my Gram and Papa and also because who doesn't like pictures with a country backdrop? The weather turned out pretty spectacular, minus the wind and Cheryl was able to get some great pictures.

I just have to say looking through the pictures is like watching a funny movie... If my mom isn't talking my dad is and if my eyes aren't closed Kennedy's are. The dogs are running around throughout the pictures and getting stickers stuck in their feet in between their playtime. The stickers were bad... way bad... poor Deuce and Skeeter had to pretty much be carried back to the house. Goal #1 for 2015 is to spray the heck out of those stickers. Here are some of my favorite captured memories. Thank you so much Cheryl, so glad God chose you to be my mother-in-law!

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