February 9, 2015

Weekend Update

Monday already... The weekends seem to fly by. This weekend went by especially fast. The weather was beautiful and we spent most of time outside! Friday we went to my sisters high school soccer game and froze. The beautiful weather came on Saturday, but boy was it windy. I felt like we were in west Texas and not central. Saturday Cam had a softball tournament all day and all the Mavs and Os met up in town for dinner.

Randi and I babysit the baby Os Saturday night so Jay and Ally could go to a concert in Cowtown. Those kids sure know how to have fun and they can be oh, so sweet!

Sunday we spent at the ball park watching Cam play slow pitch softball. There are some crazy old men leagues with insane people, but it is pretty entertaining to watch.

How cute are these throw back pictures? Cam is on the right in both of them. His mom sent these to us this past week... stinkin precious

This is the view I wake up to every morning... He inches his way up to the top of the bed throughout the night. I kinda love it

Big sisters are the best playmates.

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